79 cents shoes

dsw had a coupon out last weekend for $5 off anything. also, i had a $10 gift card because dsw screwed up my last order. obviously, i went to the store to pick something. who's going to say no to free money and a new pair of shoes. not me!

i'm on a no shopping mode now since i spent a fortune on my previous trip to asia. 30 pieces of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes, a bunch of skincare + makeup + accessories. it's going to take me awhile before i'm back on shopping mode. so, i was on a hunt to find a pair of shoes for $15 or less at dsw.

this is what i came home with

original price: $70.00
discounted price: $49.94
after 70% discount: $14.98
after $5 coupon & $10 gc: $0.79 (for tax)
after exiting the store: a pair of gorgeous strappy platform bootie

nails from ulta professional: bare it all

ps: asia trip post coming up. still editing the photos