Haul ~ Michael Todd True Organics

Michael Todd's skin care line has taken over YouTube and blogs. I've seen them over and over as everyone's monthly favorites. I've been thinking of trying them and have checked out some products that I want to get from the website. As I was glancing trough my emails 1 morning (I have an an email account just for newsletters), I saw that Michael Todd was on BeyondtheRack. BeyondtheRack is a flash sale website similar to HauteLook. I quickly picked up some items that I originally wanted before they ran out of stock. They were discounted up to 60%. Amazing score!

Since I have oily acne prone skin(bleh), I picked up products that gear towards combating my skin type.

  1. Honey And Oat cleanser - seems to be everyone's favorite
  2. Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask - it feels weird applying pumpkin pie on your face.
  3. Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial mask
  4. Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
  5. Antioxidant Carrot Multivitamin Serum

I'm going to try them out and give a full review later. I'm hoping they're not overhype and works well on my skin!



i heart spring tag

hi everyone! spring is my favorite season of the year and i decided to join in the fun and share my "i heart spring" tag.

1) Favorite spring nail polish?
It have to be Wet n Wild I need a refresh-mint. I picked up another without realizing I already had one at home.

2) Must have lip color?
i'm loving the orange lip color. it brightens my face and definitively my go to this spring. This lipstick is from Beauty Buffet The Bakery line in no. 10. It's a Thailand cosmetic company I believe.

3) Favorite Spring Dress?
It's hard to pick one. I got this flowery sheer dress from Bangkok. The colors just make me smile whenever I see it hanging in my closet.

4) Favorite Flower?
Hydrangea is my all time favorite flower and I have hydrangea as my bridal bouquet.I love that it's a cluster of small tiny petals.

5) Favorite Spring Accessory!
Scarf. They are so easy to make a boring outfit looks interesting and keeps me warm at the same time. Who else is crazy for cat prints?

6) Which spring trend are you most excited about?
Prints! Striped & polka-dots inclusive. I would love to wear prints all year round but they're not very appropriate (according to mr. adventure). Pastels make me giddy too.

7) Favorite spring candle?
I didn't get any candles this spring, but got a bunch of wallflowers instead. My favorite is pear from Bath and Body Works.

8) Favorite spring perfume/body spray?
I'm not a perfume collector as most perfume is too overpowering for my liking and will give me a headache. I wonder if this is related to my high school teacher. We could smell her perfume from miles away. no kidding! But Brit Sheer has been my favorite perfume.

9) What is spring like where you live?
Short! We have maybe 3 weeks of awesome weather follow by HOT HOT HOT temperature!

10) What's your favorite thing about spring?
The wildflower along the highway. It makes traffic more pleasant. We planted a plum tree last spring and it's blooming for the first time now "Happy dance." We thought it didn't survive the winter.

11) Are you a spring cleaner?
Absolutely. I'll put all my winter clothing in a box, reorganize my closet and vanity, clean and dust my entire home.

12) What are you plans for spring break/upcoming holiday?
Spring break doesn't exist in the working world unfortunately. We will probably take a road trip and have a picnic somewhere.

We will be having our first garage sale in 2 weeks in conjunction with the neighborhood wide garage sale. We'll be selling furniture, household items, electronics, clothes etc. It's amazing how much stuff we've accumulated across several years. Time to make room for new hauls.