happy halloween

since halloween falls on monday this year, we went out partying on saturday. we’ll be giving out treats to little goblin and ghouls in on monday instead. the entire 6th st was closed for the night and tons of people flooded the st in monster, zombies, skimpy, superheroes etc. costumes. I love checking out creative DIY costumes. sharing some photos with you all………….

cool futuristic robot284

gruesome venom

huge dancing robot/montster?

can you find waldo?322

facebook profile. pretty creative335

can anyone tell us who the green guy with yellow eyebrown, nose and mouth is? we have no idea.


ghostbusters crew354

us(rare face appearance)! I’m a leopard. ear hairband from h&m and leopard print scarf from asia. mr. adventure is a zombie with a gunshot wound on the forehead and scar on the cheek. my first attempt on zombie makeup and received some positive compliments. thanks youtube! haha…..

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have a great trick-or-treating

fall pickings

it's pumpkin time. i love this season as i can get almost anything pumpkin flavor. pumpkin ice-cream, pumpkin doughnut, pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin you get the idea. while i don't particular like pumpkin, but a change once a year is great.  mr. adventure and i with a few other friends went to the nearby farm for pumpkin patch, corn maze, flowers, scarecrows, goats, etc. 

big mac pumpkin. they’re huge. I can’t even lift them up.

pumpkin patch. we spent quite some time to pick the prefect one.



flowers makes me smile. yippee~~~~~~~~~~~


it was a cloudy and rainy day, but we stopped at nothing to conquer the maze.



my picks!



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giveaway ~ my blog is 1 year old (ended)

hurrah!!! it's been a year since i started cushyblushy. i'm patting myself in the back for not abandoning this blog. trust me. i have had several zombie blogs. what's better than to have a giveaway and spread the joy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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halloween decoration above my mantel. printables from twotwenty-one
have a good weekend and good luck!

the matcha challenge

the health benefits from green tea is not news to everyone. this antioxidant drink helps reduce risk of several cancers, heart diseases and stabilizes cholesterol. it helps reduces acne scars and inflammations as well as slows down aging and prevent wrinkles. many beauty products have incorporated green tea as one of their ingredients for its multipurpose properties. the only negative thing i have to save about green tea is the insomniac effects. i hate lying down on the bed until 4am and feel like a zombie the next day.

mr. adventure and i was strolling along whole foods(it’s like a "chanel" grocery store where everything is more expensive and better quality). we always go there for their salad bar. they have "real "food like pulled pork, grilled chicken etc. which are delicious. one evening when were at the tea aisle, i was intrigued by the domatcha silver box. this box cost $17 for 20 sachets, which is very expensive. mr. adventure was like, "no way  i'm paying 85 cents for a cup of homemade tea when i can get one for 10 cents or less". he wouldn't believe me when i told him it'll definitely taste better. anyhow, he agreed to get it if i'll do a blind test.


so, here we go. the challenge!!!
4 different green tea bags (the other 3 from asian market or local grocery store), 4 cups of hot water.


check out my self painted red tray. things I do when I’m bored.

mr. adventure put the teabags in the hot water for 11/2 mins(i was looking away while he was doing that) and the challenge began.



the winner. drum roll…………………. domatcha, cup C.  it has a rich green tea flavor, slightly bitter with lingering sweetness aftertaste and a bit of fine ground texture like what you would get from an actual matcha. not bland at all. the sachet is made of high quality material that doesn’t tear easily. it’s annoying when the string attach to the sachet tear and I have to use a spoon to “fish” it out.

will I purchase again? maybe, but I’ll probably try others and look for cheaper alternative. right now, I’m enjoying my remaining sachets Smile