happy halloween

since halloween falls on monday this year, we went out partying on saturday. we’ll be giving out treats to little goblin and ghouls in on monday instead. the entire 6th st was closed for the night and tons of people flooded the st in monster, zombies, skimpy, superheroes etc. costumes. I love checking out creative DIY costumes. sharing some photos with you all………….

cool futuristic robot284

gruesome venom

huge dancing robot/montster?

can you find waldo?322

facebook profile. pretty creative335

can anyone tell us who the green guy with yellow eyebrown, nose and mouth is? we have no idea.


ghostbusters crew354

us(rare face appearance)! I’m a leopard. ear hairband from h&m and leopard print scarf from asia. mr. adventure is a zombie with a gunshot wound on the forehead and scar on the cheek. my first attempt on zombie makeup and received some positive compliments. thanks youtube! haha…..

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have a great trick-or-treating


Joey said...

You looked so cute! That Facebook profile guy is so funny!
Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

The guy in the green costume is gumby. :)

Katherine said...

Awesome Halloween pics! And you look adorable :)

Mongs said...

what fun HAlloween pictures, I like your catty outfit, very adorable.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. Singapore is not so big on thrifting yet, there're not that many thrift stores around. Most people think it's quite yucky to wear someone's old clothes.

Have a fun week!

Amy said...

Haha thanks for sharing these pics- I had a good laugh (esp. love the ghostbusters and the facebook guy). You look totally cute and also think you did a good job on the zombie makeup!!

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow great costumes!!! i loved yours too! the facebook profile is pretty damn funny hehe

Shop N' Chomp said...

Girl, you are so pretty! I demand to see more pics of you, ok? ;) You two look great! Oh and that's Gumby.

Mai said...

the costumes look amazing (: cute outfit btw (;

CMPang x

Popblush said...

Wow, so many people had great costumes!

You looked so cute!! Love it~

Nic Nic said...

awww you are so cute Cushy! we need more face pics of you :P You make a super cute leopard cat! Also awesome job on the zombie makeup on your man :D

Carol said...

Wow You have pass great halloween!faboulous photos!I come from italy,Naples,come to see my blog!
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heyimfany said...

happy halloween to you!
check mine

Yumeko said...

those pics are great!!! looks like so much fun!

Jin said...

oh man! the robot and monster are amazing!
a lot of the costumes are super impressive!
yours is cute and good job on the makeup!

it was! i couldnt stop eating until my friend made me! XD

ha ha ha he really was X3

Pop Champagne said...

you're adorable, and I LOVE that robot costume omg that's 1 original dude, but i bet he's hot in there all night!

Rinny said...

You look so cute! I didn't dress up or do anything for Halloween this year :P The facebook profile guy's costume is really creative!

Penelope said...

You make such a cute leopard! You are absolutely stunning!

Great halloween pics. Love the ghostbusters! I've no idea what the the green thing is.. a sponge maybe? hehe

M.W. said...

looks like you had a blast!!


stellarvixen said...

Great photos! Haha Americans do go all out in dressings!!

Sis you looked so cute in neko makeup the getup!
Wow mr. Adventure zombie makeup is brilliant!!!

Booo!!! Xoxo

Ana said...

ahaha loved all your pict!Looks like it was an awesome Halloween! Such cool outfits and the facebook profile as so good!
And yes i found waldo:p

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