Barkbox ~ February 2014

Bmo's first BarkBox. She's was pretty excited when I brought the box in. It almost seemed like she knew the box is for her....hehe. She started chewing on the box before we even opened it. I guess she's happy just receiving an empty box. Silly girl.

Cheese Please $5.49 for 1.7oz!
It's like snacks for people. Made from real wisconsin cheese. I'm so tempted to try one.
Bmo's woof-pinion: Pass 

CUBAN STOGGIE Fetch Stick $13.19
I was looking forward to get toys since Bmo practically destroyed all her toys and we had to keep buying. The fetch stick ain't cute, but it's quite durable and decent size. Dogs need cigars :)
Bmo's woof-pinion: Pass

Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix Dogs $7.49
I'm not sure about this. We're suppose to make our own meatballs mixed with the ingredient from the pouch. It's an interesting idea, but too much work for my liking. I'll probably keep it until I find the time to try it out.
Bmo's woof-pinion: Fail

Superior Farms Pet Provisions lamb biscuit $9.99
Good quality lamb biscuit. Great ingredient list - gluten free.  Bmo ain't picky when it comes to treats.
Bmo's woof-pinion: Pass

Barkworthies bully sticks $3.15
I think this is advertised as odorless bully stick, which ain't true at all. It stinks, but the furry gal loves chewing on it.
Bmo's woof-pinion: Pass

Total value: $39.31

Overall, I'm quite happy with this month's box. It's a nice treat for Bmo to chow on those cheese crackers. 


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