a simple date night

yup, we’re in texas. such a romantic evening for this couple.076

school bus trailer food. creativity wins!  077

our pick for that evening, mighty cone. I got fried avocado and it was so crispy, juicy and delicious. “EAT MORE CONES””


what better way to end the night with than CUPCAKES!

my choice, red velvet cream cheese. one word…..YUM. 090

milu is coming to target

5 more days until the launch of jason wu for target collection. are you pumped up? i adore this collection a lot more than previous collaborations. thanks to milu and jason wu's kitty muse. yup, i have a thing for anything cats related and i personally think this collection is more wearable than others without screaming "BRAND X"

here's my wishlist. would love to hear what you'll have in your cart this sunday.
photos from nymag

happy lunar new year!

welcome the year of dragon! wishing everyone good fortune, wealth, health and great success this year. not to forget, lots of happiness in the year of dragon. 


it's wednesday!

i bought a beaded peter pan collar from asos, but it stayed in my drawers for months not knowing how to wear it. last weekend i decided to give it a try and this is what i came up with.

on first sight, mr. adventure said, "are we going to a costume party? why are you dressed up as wednesday from addams family?" i looked at the mirror and started laughing. it was totally unintentional. now i have a backup costume for halloween :)

walking down the red carpet

not for real, although a girl can always dream, eh.

i received a couple awards from beautiful penny Inspired by beauty. thanks again! it was long dued, but better late than never.

sharing my top 10 current favorites

  1. naruko niaouli(am i the only that always misspell this word) & tea tree balancing moisturizer. i love the light texture and it absorbs quickly. i have oily skin around my t-zone and this helps keep the shine under control. i don't get as oily as i usually do after 4 hrs, but i still need to blot to avoid being a disco ball. i'm not a fan of the tea tree scent, but the naruko niaouli line have a very faint scent that doesn't bother me. the scent goes aways after a couple of minutes.
  2. naruko niaouli & tea tree clay acne clay cleanser
    a great cleanser that helps balance my oily skin without stripping. i usually let it sit on my skin for 10 mins before rinsing off. plus, the light herbal scent doesn't bother me at all
  3. l'occitane cherry blossom solid perfume. the scent is amazingly refreshing with a subtle hint of cherry blossom. i literally feel stress free every time i put this on. reminds me of spring surrounded by flowers. i have this with me all the time
  4. jack black lip balm
    i'm using this every day to protect my lips. a great find especially in winter 
  5. rimmel airy fairy lipstick
    a lovely random find. the golden rose color looks great on the lips. i broke half the lipstick on my first week. lesson learned: never put the cap on without looking at it. it's creamy. i don't like the vanilla scent, but will live with it. 
  6. becca mineral blush in flowerchild
    i love this blush of my cheeks on any eye makeup. the shimmer is fine and it looks natural without walking around town in a doll like face
  7. kiss me heroine make volume & curl mascara (black)
    pro: clump free, stays curl all day, gives volume, shape of the wand(easy to apply to every single lash) waterproof
    con: hard to find, waterproof(hard to remove)
  8. maybeline mineral power natural perfecting concealer in light   
    it provides good coverage, easily bendable, great match for my skintone, great drugstore find during CVS beauty sale
  9. milani liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil 01 black
    pro: extremely black, very creamy, easy to find
    con: too creamy(need to sharpen after every use, look how short it is now)
  10. majolica majorca eye shadow quad in BR799
    great for everyday look with fine shimmers that highlight and make the eyes more awake
on to the next award.

i have to list down 7 things about myself for this award. i cracked my head having to come up with 7 things that i want to share about yours truly.

  1. i never have sweet fairytale dreams ever. all my dreams involve fighting, zombies, screaming, monsters, falling and yes i do scream out loud sometimes. dreams can be so real. 
  2. if i can only eat one type of food in my entire life, it would be ramen (not those instant ones). slurp~~~
  3. i have a thing for zombies. call me weird, but i like watching zombies shows (any "the walking dead" fans out there?) and playing shooting zombies games. maybe related to my dreams??
  4. i used to dislike cats when i was younger because they always steal my food (poor stray cats), but i have ms. shimo sleeping next to me everyday now.
  5. i don't like eating the same food twice in a week when eating out. i could never succeed in the subway weight loss challenge.
  6. i just put up curtains after moving in for 1.5 year (not very interesting, but that's what come to mind when i look up)
  7. i love watching coke's ad. they are so creative, fun, new and refreshing. i would love to meet the person behind it one day though i'm not a coke customer (not a soda drinker)

happy new year to all! one of my resolution is to blog more often. shame shame for not doing so (red face).