Weekly photo challenge ~ makeup colors edition

Time for weekly photo meme started by yumeko. This week challenge is pretty interesting. It actually got me to reorganize my stash and take note what colors I have too many or lack of.

1. Black

Definitely a staple color for eyeliner and mascara. Milani liquif'eye is still my favorite drugstore eyeliner pencil. I've tried maybeline master drama and it smudges horribly (granted I don't always use eye primer, but I doubt it'll help). The cute brush roll is from the body shop. The matte black shadow from Sleek Storm pallette is great as layers over eyeliners to make them last.

2. Brown

My go to color for work. I love browns and neutral. I'm currently loving Milani 00 radiant bronzer. It's great for contouring as I'm a slightly tanner in the summer(thanks to tubing and swimming)

3. White

like yumeko. This is a hard one for me. I rarely buy anything pure white. I threw in some highlight shades in here.

4. Orange/Coral (adding coral as well)

Almost everything here is for the cheeks. Doubt orange eye shadow will look good on me.

5. Gold/Bronze (adding bronze into the mix)

Anyone know why max factor is no longer sold in the US? I picked the brown/gold shadow long time ago from Walmart. Bad to the bronze is my favorite shade from the color tattoo range.

Zara is having sale right now. I ordered this pair of shoe to go with my wedding dress. Egg robin is my theme color and it's almost impossible to find shoes in this shade.


Red summer wedding guest outfit

Taipei adventure ~ day 3

Taipei adventure ~ day1, day2
Travel date: April 21st 2012
I finally got around to pick and edit the photos for day 3. It ain't easy when sd card is cheap which makes you snapped at anything and ended with more than a thousand photos. If you miss day1&2, checkout the link above.
Day 3 started with a much better instant ramen, with meat!
It was a busy Saturday morning in Taipei.

we dropped by Dr. Sun Yet-Sen memorial on the way to 101. Glad i watched 1911 movie by Jacky Chan before the trip. Refreshed my memory on the founding of the Republic of China.
Dr. Sun Yet-Sen & I. I wonder why his statue aren't as big as Chiang Kai-Shek's considering he was the founder of the nation.
The statue-like guard. I think it's torturous to stand still for hours, but I think they do take pride on their duty.
Wondering around the memorial. It's difficult to take photos together (we were lazy to setup the tripod even though we brought it), so we seized the opportunity and used the camera there :)
A blurry Taipei 101.

Next stop shinkong mitsukoshi, elite and Taipei 101. All the high end department stores are located next to each other. We spent hours in eslite looking at books, magazines, and fancy gadgets.
The main reason for us to go there is not to shop, but to EAT! Din Tai Fung at 101 was crowded with mostly tourist when we got there. We waited for about 20 mins to be seated. I got the say the service was excellent and the xiao lung bao was the juiciest ever. On top of that, they have English menu :)
It started to rain when we were about to leave the area, so we decided to drop by Taipei Main Station underground mall. I heard about the shoes galore there and happy to announce that it's absolutely true. The underground mall is like a labyrinth. You can almost find anything you want there. I love those "cube" shops where sellers rent a cube from the store to sell their products. it's great for small businesses and the items are pretty random. All the shoe stores sell the same shoes that are on sale. So, if you're just eyeing for discounted shoes, you can just go to one store and call it a day. The only difference I encountered is that 1 store sell it for cheaper, 2 shoes for 350nt instead of 200nt each pair at the other stores. Naturally, I bought from the cheaper store.
I've been wearing them almost everyday since I got home. The quality is decent and they will probably last through summer and fall. For less than $6 each, I really can't complain.

Accessories from the cube shops. I'm currently obsess with skulls and skeletons.
We rested in our hotel for a while to drop of all the shopping bags and rest our feet before heading out again.
Cosmed is just around the hotel, which makes it super convenient to haul sheet masks(they are heavy and I wouldn't recommend hauling them all over Taipei unless you have strong arms). I kinda overdid it and probably won't need to buy sheet mask for a year or so. Noted they are about half price cheaper than online. I got my beauty diary, sexy look(new fav) and my scheming box set, which come in several different variety.
We hunt for the famous Ah Zhongshan Mian Xian at Ximen. With all the raves, we expected it to be excellent, but it fell short. The texture of the noodles were soft and thin, but the soup had too much vinegar. I prefer meat or vege broth rather than sauce base.
on the other hand, I give the passion fruit bubble tea a 5 star. Great for hot humid night.

The crowded Saturday night at Ximen. I spent lots of time in the 24hrs Watson.

Beauty/makeup haul from Watson.
Shiseido Tsubaki damage care hair shampoo and conditioner. I love this line as it makes my hair soft without drying out.
Naruko niaouli & tea tree clay cleanser and targeted treatment. I'm using the clay cleanser and it feels so refreshing and clean. I usually leave it on for 5 mins before rinsing off since its a clay cleanser and helps to remove any impurities.
Integrate accent eyes gr760. An olive green shimmery eyeshadow.
Kate cheek color s or-1. Love this natural orange blush.
Majolica Majorca Lash King mascara. A new mascara from the highly rave brand. The fibers lengthens, the mascara doesn't clump even on several layers, and it stay on whole day. my only complain is that it doesn't volumize as much as i like it to. i need to layer on a separate mascara for that. 
Lavshuca little star glow rouge in be-1 lipstick. A sheer nude orange lipstick with shimmers.
Koji no. 71 eyelash curler. This curler is amazing for a cheap price tag.
Biore Sara Sara uv watery essence. My current favorite sunscreen. It blends easily, absorbs quickly, non greasy and works great as a base for my foundation.
Biore Sara Sara uv perfect milk. I have not tried this.
Biore blotting paper. A must have for oily skin like myself.

Fickle Friday Five ~ what's in your bag

It's time for fickle Friday five. It's technically 2 hours passed Friday, but I'm doing it anyway :) Check out yumeko's Entry (Swooning over her Chanel wallet).

1. Cellphone

yup, I'm using an old, crack but goodie Samsung Solstice. I gave my iPhone to my mum and currently nothing in the market appeals to me. I'm waiting for a compact, lightweight, > 8mp camera phone that runs on ice-cream sandwich. Is that too much to ask??

2. Something to keep your money in

My everyday Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet with tons of card slots, which I absolutely need.

3. Something in your wallet

I'm showing my keys instead with tons of loyalty store cards and a rilakkuma key glove to distinguish the most frequently use key (they all look the same). I figured it's more interesting than showing receipts or credit cards......hopefully.

4. Makeup you carry on the go

I carry my makeup in a cath kidston pouch which I got from their spring/summer 2012 mook. flower prints are never boring.
Baviphat Sugar girl peach sebum solution pact powder (pretty mouthful). I like the fresh peach scent and how it sets my foundation nicely without caking. The oil control is decent as well. I'm happy to pick this up on sale for $4 in kl.
Fresh mini sugar rose tinted lip treatment with spf15. This is a last year birthday gift from sephora. I'm obsess with this all-in-one lip product. I can just carry this out and call it a day without hauling a separate lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. It's very moisturizing plus I love the lemon scent.
Bath&BodyWorks hand sanitizer. You never know what you'll touch.
Rotho eye drops for my dry eyes when I wear contact lens.

5. Whatever you wish to share from your bag

I decided to share my fresh out of the box Tyra wedges from JustFab. It's a subscription website where you take a personalize quiz and they'll match shoes/purses/accessories with your style. Every item is $39.95, but I got my first pair for half off during their promotion.Can't wait to wear them out tomorrow. Check back to see how I'll pair them.


Fashion dupe ~ white knits and dress

I wasn't in love with the white knit when I bought it. I was sort of forced to buy an extra item to get the discount and it's the only item from the racks that I think i could maybe make it work.

One of my favorite things to haul when traveling is Asian magazine cos' I can't find them here and too stingy to pay for shipping for the fashion/makeup/beauty inspiration and the freebie.


Here's my inspiration from a Taiwanese magazine.

What I came out with

Knit top: kuala lumpur(kl) $10
Stripe dress: kensie old
Blue messenger bag: kl $6 cheap!
Black ankle booties: madden girl $0.79
Bird cage necklace: kl $6
Heart shape earrings: gifted

Wish my bangs are as cute as the girl in the mag. Let me know what do you think.

Fickle Friday Five

I had so much fun doing last Friday's post that I decided to do it again. I might make this a weekly entry. Friday marks the end of the work week and definitely an excellent time to whine down and blog (takes my mind of work). Don't get me wrong as I do enjoy my work, but everyone needs a break. Agree? 

1. Snacks

I discovered this wasabi almonds at Walgreens last week. They are so good. I could finish the entire can in a day if I want to.

2. Beauty
I randomly picked up this cotton rounds at dollar general. I love that they're lint free for a dollar. I tried those cottons from japanese stores before which are great as well, but they are hard to find in where I live.

3. Nail
New color by l'oreal. Tweet me. Seriously tweet me :)

3. Random
Just a random decor around the house. Yup, scrabble pieces are for decor.

5. Announcement
Got this in the mail today. Get ready girls, BBW semi-annual sale is back! Just in time for me to stock up on candles.

Taipei adventure ~ day 2

Taipei adventure ~ day 1

travel date: April 20th 2012

we got some instant ramen the night before from 7-11(they are everywhere) for breakfast. i wanted one with meat, but got plain ramen instead :( down side for not able to read chinese. Still yummy regardless.

we made our way to the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station exit 1 where we boarded Keelung bus 1062 to Jiu Fen. the trip took an hour and cost NT102(accepts easy card).
i would say Jiu Fen is a must visit for tourist. there are so many food to sample, souvenirs to buy, tea to drink, and sights to see!

mr. adventure love the deep fried calamari with chili powder. he chowed down a whole cup on the way in and out.

The best ice-cream combo ever. The seller shaved a giant block of nuts + cilantro and wrapped it in a thin crepe.

this artisan wanted us to take his photo and helped him promote his ceramic instrument(like a flute, but way cuter). i got one for my sis-in-law.

if you're looking for cell phone case, "pluggies", or those cute hello kitty glasses, get it from jiu fen. they are way cheaper than anywhere i've seen in taipei. Naturally I got one to play with(boo left it in kl though). Ah po you yuan is a savior after a short hike in humid weather. Taro is my fav (I'm obsessed with it)

These kind of life-like dolls kinda freak me out. Remember chucky?!!!

Enjoying tea with a hilltop view and fresh cooling air. Aahhhhhh~~~~~~~~
We picked a random fruit and flower teas cos' the menu is only available in chinese

Haul from Jiu Fen not including food stuff. The jerky is delicious by the way. iPhone case, "pluggy", candy, mask, key chains, accessories.

We stopped by wu fen pu and raohe night market on the way back to Taipei. I was super excited for my 1st clothing haul. The experts in shopping wholesale actually bring their own trolley. Pretty smart!

I was shopping happily with amazing bargain and suddenly the sky decided to dim down my joy. There is no escape from taipei rain. Dang! We continued shopping for a while, but gave up soon after it started pouring really hard :(

3 t-shirts(100-250nt), 3 blouses(250-390nt), 2 dresses(375nt), 1 shorts(300nt), 2 scarfs(100-200nt), 1 beaded collar(150nt, regretted not getting more), 1 necklace(150nt)

Thankfully 7-11 and familymart are everywhere. We bought umbrellas and continued our journey to raohe night market.

I personally prefer raohe over Shilin mainly due to the variety. Raohe has a lot of Japanese/taiwanese fusion food. Don't miss out the pepper biscuit if you're ever there.

We of course didn't miss out on the famous Formosa chang's lu rou fan. It was the best we tried in Taipei. The shop we went is just by the houshanpi mrt station.

There are also a ton of clothes, accessories, random stores to satisfy any cravings. I got the vest and shorts for 500nt, cute polka dot umbrella for 100nt and falsies for 100nt(have not tested them)

I'll be posting day 3 soon