Fickle Friday Five

I had so much fun doing last Friday's post that I decided to do it again. I might make this a weekly entry. Friday marks the end of the work week and definitely an excellent time to whine down and blog (takes my mind of work). Don't get me wrong as I do enjoy my work, but everyone needs a break. Agree? 

1. Snacks

I discovered this wasabi almonds at Walgreens last week. They are so good. I could finish the entire can in a day if I want to.

2. Beauty
I randomly picked up this cotton rounds at dollar general. I love that they're lint free for a dollar. I tried those cottons from japanese stores before which are great as well, but they are hard to find in where I live.

3. Nail
New color by l'oreal. Tweet me. Seriously tweet me :)

3. Random
Just a random decor around the house. Yup, scrabble pieces are for decor.

5. Announcement
Got this in the mail today. Get ready girls, BBW semi-annual sale is back! Just in time for me to stock up on candles.


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