Friday Photo Meme: Non Makeup Edition aka Random Things Edition

i saw yumeko's friday photo meme and decided to join in the fun. excuse me for being a week late. i love looking at random photos. instagram made everyone a professional photographer without much hassle.

1. Plushie/Toy

i won this from the UFO catcher machine in taipei. i learned the technique after eavesdropping from a bunch of kids and deciphering the entire conservation with my limited chinese ability. i was really lucky to get 2 raccoons in one attempt. they are happily decorating my car now.

2. Food/Snack/Meal

i'm addicted to anything ube/taro flavor. this ube sponge cake is great for a 4pm snack in the office.

3. Stationery

cute memo pad. mum picked this for me :) i hardly write anything with a pen though.

4. Something you wear [clothes, shoes, accessories]

tetris studs to satisfy the geeky side of me. quick trivia: i have 5 piercings.

5. Something Random

This is absolutely random. My sis gave this to me, but neither of us knows what is it. You're supposed to put it in water and grow a rilakkuma. It's currently a ball shape. Leave a comment, if you know. Something edible? A bath bomb?


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