Taipei adventure ~ day 2

Taipei adventure ~ day 1

travel date: April 20th 2012

we got some instant ramen the night before from 7-11(they are everywhere) for breakfast. i wanted one with meat, but got plain ramen instead :( down side for not able to read chinese. Still yummy regardless.

we made our way to the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station exit 1 where we boarded Keelung bus 1062 to Jiu Fen. the trip took an hour and cost NT102(accepts easy card).
i would say Jiu Fen is a must visit for tourist. there are so many food to sample, souvenirs to buy, tea to drink, and sights to see!

mr. adventure love the deep fried calamari with chili powder. he chowed down a whole cup on the way in and out.

The best ice-cream combo ever. The seller shaved a giant block of nuts + cilantro and wrapped it in a thin crepe.

this artisan wanted us to take his photo and helped him promote his ceramic instrument(like a flute, but way cuter). i got one for my sis-in-law.

if you're looking for cell phone case, "pluggies", or those cute hello kitty glasses, get it from jiu fen. they are way cheaper than anywhere i've seen in taipei. Naturally I got one to play with(boo left it in kl though). Ah po you yuan is a savior after a short hike in humid weather. Taro is my fav (I'm obsessed with it)

These kind of life-like dolls kinda freak me out. Remember chucky?!!!

Enjoying tea with a hilltop view and fresh cooling air. Aahhhhhh~~~~~~~~
We picked a random fruit and flower teas cos' the menu is only available in chinese

Haul from Jiu Fen not including food stuff. The jerky is delicious by the way. iPhone case, "pluggy", candy, mask, key chains, accessories.

We stopped by wu fen pu and raohe night market on the way back to Taipei. I was super excited for my 1st clothing haul. The experts in shopping wholesale actually bring their own trolley. Pretty smart!

I was shopping happily with amazing bargain and suddenly the sky decided to dim down my joy. There is no escape from taipei rain. Dang! We continued shopping for a while, but gave up soon after it started pouring really hard :(

3 t-shirts(100-250nt), 3 blouses(250-390nt), 2 dresses(375nt), 1 shorts(300nt), 2 scarfs(100-200nt), 1 beaded collar(150nt, regretted not getting more), 1 necklace(150nt)

Thankfully 7-11 and familymart are everywhere. We bought umbrellas and continued our journey to raohe night market.

I personally prefer raohe over Shilin mainly due to the variety. Raohe has a lot of Japanese/taiwanese fusion food. Don't miss out the pepper biscuit if you're ever there.

We of course didn't miss out on the famous Formosa chang's lu rou fan. It was the best we tried in Taipei. The shop we went is just by the houshanpi mrt station.

There are also a ton of clothes, accessories, random stores to satisfy any cravings. I got the vest and shorts for 500nt, cute polka dot umbrella for 100nt and falsies for 100nt(have not tested them)

I'll be posting day 3 soon


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