Weekly photo challenge ~ makeup colors edition

Time for weekly photo meme started by yumeko. This week challenge is pretty interesting. It actually got me to reorganize my stash and take note what colors I have too many or lack of.

1. Black

Definitely a staple color for eyeliner and mascara. Milani liquif'eye is still my favorite drugstore eyeliner pencil. I've tried maybeline master drama and it smudges horribly (granted I don't always use eye primer, but I doubt it'll help). The cute brush roll is from the body shop. The matte black shadow from Sleek Storm pallette is great as layers over eyeliners to make them last.

2. Brown

My go to color for work. I love browns and neutral. I'm currently loving Milani 00 radiant bronzer. It's great for contouring as I'm a slightly tanner in the summer(thanks to tubing and swimming)

3. White

like yumeko. This is a hard one for me. I rarely buy anything pure white. I threw in some highlight shades in here.

4. Orange/Coral (adding coral as well)

Almost everything here is for the cheeks. Doubt orange eye shadow will look good on me.

5. Gold/Bronze (adding bronze into the mix)

Anyone know why max factor is no longer sold in the US? I picked the brown/gold shadow long time ago from Walmart. Bad to the bronze is my favorite shade from the color tattoo range.

Zara is having sale right now. I ordered this pair of shoe to go with my wedding dress. Egg robin is my theme color and it's almost impossible to find shoes in this shade.



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