Review ~ Maybeline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadow

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to haul the limited edition Maybeline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadow in barely beige and gold shimmer with my extra bucks. Each retail for $5.85-$6.99.

barely beige is a champagne shade with a hint of shimmer. i absolutely love this shade because i can use it as a primer and as a highlighter as well. it helps any eye shadow last much longer on it.

the name pretty much describe the shade on gold shimmer. it is a gorgeous shade to wear by itself.

my tiny neutral collection from this range.
L-R gold shimmer, bad to the bronze, taugh as taupe

Swatches from L-R taugh as taupe, bad to the bronze, gold shimmer, barely beige

barely beige, gold shimmer and bad the to bronze are easy to work with. it's blends well even with one swipe. tough as taupe(the only matte shade I have) is more inconsistent, patchy and requires more effort in blending. these cream shadows do not budge under running water and a few rubs. not sure if they last 24hrs (i probably only wear makeup that long when i travel to asia), but they last a long time. they comes off quite easily with my dhc cleansing oil.

barely beige is my fav as i'm reaching for it so often these days :)

End with a photo of shimo and eeyore. Have a great labor day weekend

ps: sorry for the bad lighting. i need to figure a spot to take better photos. the thing is i'm never home during the day to take photos.

Mini Drugstore haul ~ Revlon

To US readers, this week is the prefect time to pick up Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain and Revlon nail polish. CVS is having amazing deals. The balm stain is $6.49 with $4 extrabucks and the nail polish is $4.99 with $3 extrabucks. There's also $2 off Revlon coupon on the display. Make sure you look out for the coupon and get almost free makeup (happy dance).

I got the kissable balm stain in darling. It's a sheer mauve pink with purple undertone. My lips are pretty pigmented and the stain barely shows up. This is a miss for me, but I like other colors especially honey. The formula is the same across all the colors. They stay on for a long time (a plus for me since I'm always too lazy to reapply throughout the day). They're fairly moisturizing and the minty scent is refreshing.

Swatch In tungsten light

Swatch in white light

The nail polish is in bonsai from the new Revlon colorstay range. I'm excited to try as it has gold shimmers within the greens. Generally, Revlon nail polishes are inconsistent. Some colors even within the same range have better formula than others.
I'm planning to use my extrabucks for the limited edition Maybeline color tattoo in barely beige and gold shimmer. CVS is having bogo 1/2 off on all Maybeline this week!

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Summer Must-Haves

Time for another weekly photo challenge originated from yumeko's blog. She does 5 photos about different themes each week. as you can tell from the blog post title, this week is about summer fun!

1. Base Makeup – [sunscreen,powder,foundation,bbcream, whatever you use in the heat/humidity of summer]

  • biore UV aqua rich watery essence spf 50 pa+++ is my current favorite sunscreen and possibly HG. it's light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and have a lovely fresh citrus scent.
  • mac blot powder (medium) - great for shine control
  • maybeline age rewind eraser treatment foundation. after seeing much rave about the concealer, i caved in and got the foundation several weeks ago and i got to say it's AMAZING. the applicator works well blending the foundation and it leaves a nice dewy finish. Great for light/medium coverage. I use it formy under eyes as well.
  • Mufe mat velvet+ is my favorite full coverage matte foundation
  • Korres anti aging primer to keeps my foundation on whole day.

2. Point Makeup [blush,eyeshadow,whatever you use in the heat/humidity of summer]

  • Canmake Cream blusher, tarte cheek stain
  • Still smudge pot. It really doesn't budge
  • maybeline 24hr color tattoo
  • Urban decay 24/7 glide on shadow pencils. They are so easy to use on lazy days
  • Maybeline baby lips SPF 20, fresh sugar SPF 15

3. Sunglasses/Hat/Anything you are wearing to block out the sun’s harmful rays
  • neon wayfarer which i picked up from Pier39 on my recent trip to SF and my favorite fedora.

4. Deodorant/Body Spray/Perfume [whatever you are using to make yourself smell good]
  • White citrus body spray by bath and body works on fruity days and l'occitane cherry fblossom on flowery days. Eau de toilette is usually to strong for my sensitive nose.
  • L'occitane rose hydrating face mist. Love the scent
5. Other must-haves for Summer :D

  • biore blot papers. i always have them in my purse.
  • hair ties. they're useful when you want to pull your hair away from your face on a humid day.
  • Face wipes. great to clean sweaty skin on the go

Random weekend photos

Last weekend I pulled out my long forgotten 50mm f/1.8 lens from the back of the shelf and had fun snapping.

Sharing some of the shots.

Do you know who is the funny face guy with a poop head? First saw him on tv in Japan.

A cycling bar. It's good to cycle and drink at the same time to avoid gaining a belly :)

Summer roses

Chili season is here

Heat is driving people to the water.

Best al pastor tacos.

Piano bookends for a musically incline couple.

Have a great week ahead :)


Daiso mini tour

Daiso is a popular Japanese "dollar" store except it's $1.50 in the states. Everything is ¥100 in Japan and they have stores worldwide, but not where I live boohoo.......

I was in California last weekend for my gorgeous friend's wedding :) I'm so happy for them and to be part of their journey as a couple. I was in the bay area for 4 days and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Daiso. I went to the store located in Daly City right after a delicious lunch at koi palace. Side story, we waited for 90 mins before being seated. I've never waited so long for dim sum ever. It was good, but not worth the wait in my opinion.

some of the displays.

I would collect these erasers if they had them 10 20years ago.
The prints on the wrapping papers remind me of cath kidston
Product of Taiwan in Daiso?
My tiny haul. The boot keeper is such a great buy (no more stuffing papers). I'm the type of person who prefers to eat ramen from a ramen bowl with wooden chopsticks and ramen soup spoon. I take my ramen seriously :)

Shimo does not like the bouncy rat. $1.50 down the drain