Daiso mini tour

Daiso is a popular Japanese "dollar" store except it's $1.50 in the states. Everything is ¥100 in Japan and they have stores worldwide, but not where I live boohoo.......

I was in California last weekend for my gorgeous friend's wedding :) I'm so happy for them and to be part of their journey as a couple. I was in the bay area for 4 days and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Daiso. I went to the store located in Daly City right after a delicious lunch at koi palace. Side story, we waited for 90 mins before being seated. I've never waited so long for dim sum ever. It was good, but not worth the wait in my opinion.

some of the displays.

I would collect these erasers if they had them 10 20years ago.
The prints on the wrapping papers remind me of cath kidston
Product of Taiwan in Daiso?
My tiny haul. The boot keeper is such a great buy (no more stuffing papers). I'm the type of person who prefers to eat ramen from a ramen bowl with wooden chopsticks and ramen soup spoon. I take my ramen seriously :)

Shimo does not like the bouncy rat. $1.50 down the drain


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