the missing posts

i'm have not been a very good blogger lately. shame shame on me for missing the entire month of march. i blame it on work and life changes events. work is really taking a huge toil on me. it happened when your teammate decided to call it quits without advance notice and you're still new to the team. basically an exponential learning curve where everyone expects you to be an expert in a short time. i'm glad i'm taking a vacation starting tomorrow evening ^_^

march was actually an exciting month for me. celebrating birthdays, planning a vacation, planning an intimate wedding and attending parties. they kept me alive and sane.

unfortunately,  i'll be missing for the rest of april as well. i have no idea how bloggers keep up with their posts while traveling. i can never have the energy to write after a long day walking, seeing, eating, posing, shopping etc. kudos to those who can!

aus - sfo - tpe - kul - tpe - sfo - den - aus

i promise to post more when i get back and catch up on your lovely blogs.