haul from sasa

sasa had free shipping above $25 a few weeks ago. great timing as my cleansing oil is running low and i didn't want to spend $75 for the usual free shipping offer. the package takes ~14 days to arrive.

mask! can never get enough of them. i've been seeing this cold stone MBD masks in several blogs. i miss cold stone. used to have them all the time when i was in pittsburgh. fortunately,  there's amy's ice-cream(similar to cold stone, but local) whenever i need a cold creamery fix with crush-in. what’s your fav ice-cream flavor? mr. adventure always chooses chocolate with almond, which guarantees delicious. i on the other hand, always choose something new and 50% of the time ended being a bad choice…lol can’t imagine the scent of this mask. i’m so curious now. think I’m going to use it after posting this. picked up japanese cherry blossom mask as i love the scent and whitening benefit.


pssst.........although, i love MDB masks, but my hands down fav is silk whitia masks. they are very generous with the extra essence and they really moisture/whiten my skin. the whitening masks are currently out of stock and they are slightly more expensive than MDB.

kokubo funny face sponge is too cute to pass up. supposedly it has unique fibers to remove dead skin effectively.


kose softymo deep cleansing oil. in my cleansing oil review post here, i mentioned that i want to try this. hopefully it's as good as laneige or DHC. did you haul anything from sasa recently?


have a great 4th of july people!!! we’re not going to have fireworks this year because of the drought. anyhow, I’m going to enjoy the long weekend. one extra day of holiday makes a lot of difference. agree?

OOTD ~ vintage

my 1st attempt to vintage style


top: banana republic
skirt: thrifted
belt: don’t remember
purse: samatha thavasa from my tokyo haul
earrings: singapore
flats: malaysia

I also colored and trimmed my bangs. I was so stressed at work that I needed to do something different and changing my hair seemed to do the trick!

sharing some photos that I took while jogging around lady bird lake





lost and found


have a nice last weeks of june

something floral

picking up some floral theme items from random corners of my cottage to beat monday blues

fridge magnet from amsterdamIMG_3985

vintage necklace from estate saleIMG_3972

floral tank from gilly hicks

purple lily in a jarIMG_3980


















what's your fav flower? i love hydrangea

cross stitch made by mr. adventure’s mum

Japan Day 4

travel date: 1/29/2011
japan day 4 == 1st day of hauling Smile warning pics heavy
best way to start the day with delicious instant ramen. the bean curd is oh so sweet
we didn’t plan to enter parco, but samantha thavasa counter caught my eyes and we forcefully happily made our way in. the sales persons were very helpful and polite. although she spoke very little english, she tried her best to serve me well. she even brought magazines out to show me the bags is a collaboration with a model(don't  remember who). i picked up my official 1st haul for japan. a nude purse with a chic lock. mr. adventure thought it's funny to have parco 1, parco 2 and parco 3 next to each other. shibuya is a shopping heaven.
me hauling happily in streets of shibuya
we saw power rangers protecting mankind from evil monsters on our way to harajuku. thanks to them everyone is safe on planet earth.
meiji-jingu is so tranquil. it's hard to believe it's located right in the middle of harajuku. those hundreds years old trees shield the shrine from the bustling streets.
colorful sake barrel
witnessed a traditional wedding. everything is prefect for this couple Smile may they have a happy married life ahead.
lots of ema
one of my fav shot. the couple looks so much in love. feels like watching a movie.
efficient oji-san. on the way/on the way out.
next stop harajuku for some serious shopping and people watching. we were on the bridge on sunday afternoon and spotted some cosplayers. they’re like real life characters from anime. kakoii-desune.
tohoshinki duo promoting their new album. their music blazing loudly at busy harajuku. no wonder they have so many fans in japan. I miss them as a quintet.
fairytale like harajuku station
the famous takeshita-dori of harajuku. it started snowing a little as we entered. everyone was so surprised by it. spent hours here.
glimpse of takeshita-dori. mr. adventure thought the shoehorn is hilarious. got to admit, it looks kinda obscene….lol. I heart daiso. everything for 100 yen!!
the famous crepes at harajuku. 2 competitors fighting for customers. fret not, both had long lines. we chose marion crepes. I was going crazy looking at the display. my mind was going to explode from deciding which one to try. my final pick, cheesecake + strawberry ice-cream + whipped cream. so filling and satisfying. I think it would be better if everything is mixed together.
after harajuku, we hoped on the subway towards akihabara. lots of gadget stores, arcades, gashapon, pachinko, maid cafes, anime shops. too bad most of the gadget shops were closing when we get there. why do stores close so early?? lost some money in those UFO machines. I just envy those people who won. it’s impossible!!!! took a purikura. the machine is amazing. it fixes all your blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone etc. everyone looks like a star.
dinner at coco curry. a local franchise
that’s it for day 4. hope y’all have a great week ahead. btw, dallas mavericks won 2011 NBA championship. gotta root for my neighbor.

almost free drugstore haul

my local grocery store heb is giving out an awesome coupon for $3 off any revlon cosmetics. the regular nail polishes(top speed is $4.50 each) are $3.74 each, which comes out to $0.74 after coupon. they are practically giving them away :) look at my massive haul.run to heb if you're in texas! the offer last until next week I think. [correction: the offer is over :( ]
cvs is known to have great clearance sale on cosmetics periodically. i was lucky to went in and found rimmel having 75%off + $1 off coupon on the shelf. everything comes down to below a dollar except for mascaras. no idea why i got those mascaras, since i'm sticking to majorlica lash expander for now. maybe a giveaway? physician formula was on sale for 60% + $5 off coupon. picked up something to try.

short getaway ~ houston

mr. adventure's parents were visiting, so we decided to make a short getaway to the 4th largest city in US, Houston. we made a stop at Lockhart for Kreuz Market BBQ. absolutely delicious. the brisket was so yummy with all the fats and burnt meat (i sound like a glutton...lol).


Yup, that’s how we eat BBQ in texas. no fancy presentation on plates. it’s all about the meat! (sorry if you’re a vegan. don’t mean to disrespect). 071

we stayed at residence inn by marriott located right in front of the galleria. a very nice english style inn. we then invaded NASA's Johnson Space Center. tip: get a coupon from McDonald's right next to the space center for half of the admission ticket(if you ever want to go). overall, it's a ripped off if you pay full price. all the stimulator rides are not included in the admission ticket :( blah!!



cute girl wondering around while waiting for our tram.143

since kemah boardwalk is near the space center, we went there for seafood buffet dinner. the service was terrible. we waited pretty long to be seated when there were available tables right in front of us. the food was decent for buffet. it was nice to walk on the boardwalk next to the ocean. i miss the ocean breeze.

fav shot of the night.


downtown houston had an awesome art car parade. all the cars were fun, wacky, unique, creative. i wish i'm in a parade like this one day. 206231235242

last stop chinatown. found a "daiso" like store. i want to live in houston just because of this store. 053

had korean food for late lunch before we start our journey back. work is getting busier. feels great to have a mini getaway to recharge before diving into heaps of work.