short getaway ~ houston

mr. adventure's parents were visiting, so we decided to make a short getaway to the 4th largest city in US, Houston. we made a stop at Lockhart for Kreuz Market BBQ. absolutely delicious. the brisket was so yummy with all the fats and burnt meat (i sound like a


Yup, that’s how we eat BBQ in texas. no fancy presentation on plates. it’s all about the meat! (sorry if you’re a vegan. don’t mean to disrespect). 071

we stayed at residence inn by marriott located right in front of the galleria. a very nice english style inn. we then invaded NASA's Johnson Space Center. tip: get a coupon from McDonald's right next to the space center for half of the admission ticket(if you ever want to go). overall, it's a ripped off if you pay full price. all the stimulator rides are not included in the admission ticket :( blah!!



cute girl wondering around while waiting for our tram.143

since kemah boardwalk is near the space center, we went there for seafood buffet dinner. the service was terrible. we waited pretty long to be seated when there were available tables right in front of us. the food was decent for buffet. it was nice to walk on the boardwalk next to the ocean. i miss the ocean breeze.

fav shot of the night.


downtown houston had an awesome art car parade. all the cars were fun, wacky, unique, creative. i wish i'm in a parade like this one day. 206231235242

last stop chinatown. found a "daiso" like store. i want to live in houston just because of this store. 053

had korean food for late lunch before we start our journey back. work is getting busier. feels great to have a mini getaway to recharge before diving into heaps of work.


eimi.desu said...

Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! Is that a black cat hankerchief?? I want one xD
I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

stellarvixen said...

an awesome getaway trip to houston!!
NASA is a MUST! hehehe

aww where is your OFTD pics?

ahh i have yet to try texass foodd!!
yummy BBQ slurp slurp

haha funny comment~ you would stay in that town becuz of daiso shop :D siiilllllyyyy

Lisa said...

Aww Houston looks so fun!! I love going to daiso... It gets expensive tho..especially when you feel like every things a dollar... And then you get to the register and it's like $40 bucks and you're like whattttttt?? Haha

Yumeko said...

wahh tat looks like soooo much fun
i want the food more thananything else

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

That looks like so much fun! ^^

suki pooki said...

Those cars in the parade look pretty cool! =D Seems like people really put a lot of work into them, I love the mammoth looking one haha reminds me of a piñata too =P As for Daiso, I know what you mean, I love the Daiso I have in my city and I always find things in there that I "suddenly" need!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Fun!! Haha...I'd love to have been sitting in that second car. XD And I agree. BBQ should never be fancy! Sadly, the BBQ in L.A sucks. =\

Penelope said...

Great pictures. The NASA space centre looks like a really fun day out.

The BBQ pic is awesome. Will have to show my husband. He really loves his meat and will appreciate such a pic!

Jennifer said...

i love the pic with the ferris wheel - very colorful!

MeggiEssa said...

Followed your blog :) Will you check out mine? Cheers. =*

Tazz Gault said...

these pictures were really interesting actually, it's like another world! and the meat part, that would actually be my papa's dream :) he does love his meat!

lovely blog, i'm following now :)


wifluvelle said...

yay ribs! omg salivating now! hey u got that daiso nose mask, review please hehe and i got the red doggy scarf for dory, from daiso too, i tied it around dory neck, so she look like a cowgal~

xoxo taijie
ps: purple dont make my eyes swollen ya? hehe

erica marie said...

Looks like you had a great time out in's been awhile since I've been to the space center or the boardwalk.

Cindy said...

Oh mannn, that meat looks so delicious, haha.

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