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doing a quick award post. my "award presenter" is amy. she's a sweet and nice girl. thanks amy for awarding me :) she does tutorials, reviews, swatches and all that good stuff. head over to her blog to find out more.

1. thank the person who give you the award, and link back at them.
2. tell us 7 things about yourself...
3. nominate 15 recently discovered Blogger for this award.
4. contact these bloggers and tell them they received the award.

7 things about me
1. those word verification box annoys me, but i do it anyway(i think it's enabled in my blog as well :P). thanks to spammers!!
2. fresh laundry makes me happy
3. i hate washing dishes. the only dishes i'm willing to wash is mantao's bowl. how lucky he is.
4. i'm attempting to plant my own vegetable garden. wish me luck!
5. i don't really like sweet treats, but i enjoy looking at them especially those cute ones.
6. i subscribe to tons of magazine, but i hardly read any of them. should really start flipping those pages.
7. i like anything with zombies (resident evil, plant vs zombies, the walking dead, left for dead etc.)

i'm awarding anyone who read my post, has a blog, and feel versatile :)


breakingrumours said...

i hate washing the dishes too! and fresh laundries are awesome

wifluvelle said...

1. same, dont like it, but they got to be around >.<
2. sigh its alot of work! wash, hang, take in, fold, iron, hang..
3. lucky mantao!
4. great! basil, parseley, spring onions these are EASY like weeds!
5. if its choc, its in my mouth
6. after reading them, bring them to ur dentist or clinics where people can read them too
7. me too! but i like during pre apocalyse show, rather than post apocalyse, too dark n scary hehe

xoxo tai jie
ps:19th vin bday hehe

Harija said...

COngrats and thanks for sharing the award

Savvy Gal said...

I love summer veggie garden too. I can't live w/o Italian basil in the summer.

Joey said...

Congratz on the award!
Do you play COD Black Ops? I play the zombie one with my bf sometimes hehe

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

congrats on your award! such a fun post :) thanks for sharing!

Penelope said...

Congrats on the award! Great post! I loved reading the 7 things you wrote about yourself.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Good luck on that garden! Fresh laundry makes me happy too. =D

stellarvixen said...

could you remove the verification box!!! it annoys me too!! words that doesnt make SENSE! hahaha

haha damn mantao lucky cat!

i luvv to smell guys in fresh laundries kakkakaa does that count?

moi luv killing spree on zombiesss also

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