will he come home?

i've been feeling really down lately. my cat mantao went out last week and didn't come home since. i've done everything i could, but still no signs of him. i dreamed about him coming home almost every night.
  1. cycled around my neighborhood every evening
  2. putting out food and water outside only to find my neighbor's cat enjoying free snack
  3. putting up posters
  4. going to the shelter
  5. report lost with the microchip company
  6. talked to my neighbors
if you can think of anything else please let me know

 i really do miss him and hope that he'll be home soon

fashion haul & cushy’s threads

circus is in town!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo~~~~I’m going to see the elephants, lions, clowns, acrobats etc this wednesday. super excited. I feel like a kid again Smile

my weekend was filled with doing the greatest therapy when one wants to get away from thinking about work. shopping!!! I went through my closet and have 3 bags of clothes to sell/donate and 1 bag of shoes == more space for new ones ==  happy dance~~~~~

sharing my OOTD and lunch.wore something comfy and easy to try on clothes.

yup. took this in a fitting room. those giant spotless mirror are great for selca.
black toga top: guess
flower skirt: american eagle
brown shoulder purse: thrifted
black gladiator sandals: either marshalls or ross

cat ring on my ring finger: ebay
cat ring on my index finger: gifted from taiwan
nails: revlon minty and revlon french lilac

bulgogi burger. juicy meat with sweet tomato. the fries are delicious. I think they’re fried with batter which made them extra crispy. this burger joint is owned by a local korean family.

knitted see through cream top: delia’s $10
tiny flower shorts: aerie $20

grey flower print dress: aerie $12

tank top with ruffle detail: a&f $9
black flair skirt: delia’s $15

see through polka-dot shirt: cotton on(aussie brand) $7.2
necklace with feather charms: cotton on $1.60
crackle stone bracelet with heart charm: cotton on $1.2
knee high socks: delia’s $2 (getting ready for the winter)

are you a harry potter fan? I read all their books and watched all their movies, but I don’t consider myself a fan. just like to finish what I’ve started. I watched deathly hollows part 2 on saturday and it was satisfying. I’m a little disappointed that the ultimate fight scene wasn’t epic enough, but I’m cutting it some slack since it’s a kid’s movie. I’m glad they made a conclusive ending unlike LOST(the tv series. any fans out there?). overall, a great movie. mini poll: which is the worst harry potter movie? both mr. adventure and I think the goblet of fire is the most boring and cheesy. what do you think?

beauty organization

I’ve seen a lot of posts about how bloggers/youtubers store their makeup/beauty products on their vanity table. I love to see other people’s vanity table and pick up some clever ideas. but, what about the extras? how do you store those samples/backups/freebies/extras that are not currently in your routine or you don’t use daily. do you put them on your vanity table area or do you put them somewhere else?

before ~ I store mine in boxes next to my dresser as I prefer not to clutter my vanity table with more stuff. the boxes are free from origins, l’occitane and shoe boxes and I built a mini tower















samples. use them when I travel


masks. can never get enough


falsies. still need practice


soaps/bath bombs. sorry they look a tad bit disgusting.


nail polishes inside a shoe box.


after and better ~ I saw this gorgeous parisian box at homegoods, I picked it up and dashed to the counter. it’s prefect


how do you store yours?

cushy’s threads

mantao(my cat for those who are new) jumped over the fence and disappeared last thursday. we looked for him around the neighborhood, calling him, but his shadows were no where seen. he was out all night and I was getting extremely worried. it felt different without him jumping on me in the middle of the night. I was so relived when he turned up in front of our house on friday evening. he came back with a tick on his neck and an empty stomach. he makes me angry and happy.

sharing my outfits aka cushy’s threads


hat: malaysia
blue shirt with bows: thrifted for $1
tank top: zara
denim shorts: american eagle
purse: recent haul from asos
pointy floral shoes: top shop

delicious saturday brunch. cuban sandwich…..very meaty.



have a great week ahead. I just want to dip myself in a pool right now~~~~

review ~ clarisonic mia



you probably read/hear positive reviews about clarisonic mia from magazines, blogs, youtubes, friends/family, beauty websites etc. here are my thoughts!

the good
i use it with caudelie gentle cleanser(not the most suitable for my skin type, but using it since i have a travel size) almost every evening after my cleansing oil. i skip it if i'm exfoliating with st. ives apricot. it buffs my face gently, removing all traces of dirt and dead skin without over exfoliating. my skin feels soft and smooth after every use. I do notice my pores shrink a little. it’s very easy to use as it automatically shuts off after 1 min. it rarely needs to recharge, maybe once every 2 months or so. I love that I can use it in the shower.

the not so good
i have acne prone skin :( wish i have flawless skin, but i don't. mia didn't help in controlling my acne. i still have break outs every now and then. still playing detective to find the cause of my acne. mia didn't help in reducing my post acne scars and hyper pigmentation either. I have tiny bumps on my cheek area. they are extremely stubborn, even extraction wouldn’t help. I was hoping mia would get rid of them. I’m going to keep using and hope eventually one day those bumps will disappear.

overall, I don’t think it’s a must have tool. it’s definitely convenient to use and cleanse very well, but don’t expect miracles. I kinda suspect those who gave excellent reviews already have great skin to begin with. I could be wrong :P I got mine from skinstore.com. they have 20% discount almost all the time.  

I made Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) or japanese pancake on saturday with leftover ingredients that I have. 1st attempt success!! I had to zoom in as I already took a huge bite.

ingredients for 2 okonomiyaki:
3/4 all purpose flour
1/2 water
4 eggs
baby spinach
smoked turkey cut into cubes
diced onions
diced mushrooms
kewpie mayonnaise
okonomiyaki sauce