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mantao(my cat for those who are new) jumped over the fence and disappeared last thursday. we looked for him around the neighborhood, calling him, but his shadows were no where seen. he was out all night and I was getting extremely worried. it felt different without him jumping on me in the middle of the night. I was so relived when he turned up in front of our house on friday evening. he came back with a tick on his neck and an empty stomach. he makes me angry and happy.

sharing my outfits aka cushy’s threads


hat: malaysia
blue shirt with bows: thrifted for $1
tank top: zara
denim shorts: american eagle
purse: recent haul from asos
pointy floral shoes: top shop

delicious saturday brunch. cuban sandwich…..very meaty.



have a great week ahead. I just want to dip myself in a pool right now~~~~


Amy said...

Cute outfit! It looks so comfy and screams warm weather :D

Marina said...

I am so glad Mantao was back.. I would be so worried if my cat disappeared over night.. Or ever!!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

hey, nice bag!

ThisIsAlx said...

i loveee the outfit!!! specially the shoes!!! and yumm i love grilled salmon!!!! but love it sashimi more!! im soo hungry now omgg!!


PopBlush said...

oh, I'm glad Manato came back safe =) When my doggie left home I couldn't sleep well :/

Btw, I love your outfit hun!

Nic Nic said...

aww so glad your cat found his way back to your home!

im much better today thanks! Love your outfit. Your shoes look fun to wear and love the blues tones you've mixed up!

Lisa said...

very cute outfit!!

om nom nom that looks like a crazy pork sandwich!

Sam said...

I'm so glad your cat came back! I wouldn't know what to do if that happened to my dog :( Cute outfit btw! and that sandwich looks so yummy!

wifluvelle said...

the bag is soooo IN right now!


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