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I’ve seen a lot of posts about how bloggers/youtubers store their makeup/beauty products on their vanity table. I love to see other people’s vanity table and pick up some clever ideas. but, what about the extras? how do you store those samples/backups/freebies/extras that are not currently in your routine or you don’t use daily. do you put them on your vanity table area or do you put them somewhere else?

before ~ I store mine in boxes next to my dresser as I prefer not to clutter my vanity table with more stuff. the boxes are free from origins, l’occitane and shoe boxes and I built a mini tower















samples. use them when I travel


masks. can never get enough


falsies. still need practice


soaps/bath bombs. sorry they look a tad bit disgusting.


nail polishes inside a shoe box.


after and better ~ I saw this gorgeous parisian box at homegoods, I picked it up and dashed to the counter. it’s prefect


how do you store yours?


breakingrumours said...

thats alot of stuff ^^ and i spot a number of revlon nail polishes. I usually store my extra beauty stuff in an drawer that i cleared out just for it XD

Amy said...

love your mask box XD I dump all of the samples in the last drawer of my storage

Kym said...

mine is so disoragnized compared to yours!!! i love the boxes though and like you, i also need to practice with falsies, i always look so awkward when i try to put them on! haha!

Nic Nic said...

i think it's good that you recycle your boxes! I used muji boxes... they keep the pesky dust out :D

tiffyama said...

Ohh I think this way is great to store all your beauty things. ^^ I use a plastic drawer...but they're filling up slowly. heh

Sick by Trend said...

The organization is very very important for me! great blog, I'm following


Have a nice sunday! :)

wifluvelle said...

so neat, all in boxes! teach this to JL plis hehe but is it troublesome to take it out when u need to use? i want to sweep everything on my desk into a drawer, how? lol


Florence said...

in a big plastic bag ! they complain its messy!

thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply!!

pop me a visit if you have time :3

Venus In Virgo said...

Cute outfits!
Hey, come enter my giveaway to win a hold me vanity makeup organizer and check out my Lulu' code for 15% Off. Good luck! Have a great weekend XOXO

ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg that trunk is gorgeous!! i love storage too. but when buying I tend to get carried away and not think about sizing lol. it's really hard to get things like trays & drawers. most of the time i take lucky guesses haha

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