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circus is in town!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo~~~~I’m going to see the elephants, lions, clowns, acrobats etc this wednesday. super excited. I feel like a kid again Smile

my weekend was filled with doing the greatest therapy when one wants to get away from thinking about work. shopping!!! I went through my closet and have 3 bags of clothes to sell/donate and 1 bag of shoes == more space for new ones ==  happy dance~~~~~

sharing my OOTD and lunch.wore something comfy and easy to try on clothes.

yup. took this in a fitting room. those giant spotless mirror are great for selca.
black toga top: guess
flower skirt: american eagle
brown shoulder purse: thrifted
black gladiator sandals: either marshalls or ross

cat ring on my ring finger: ebay
cat ring on my index finger: gifted from taiwan
nails: revlon minty and revlon french lilac

bulgogi burger. juicy meat with sweet tomato. the fries are delicious. I think they’re fried with batter which made them extra crispy. this burger joint is owned by a local korean family.

knitted see through cream top: delia’s $10
tiny flower shorts: aerie $20

grey flower print dress: aerie $12

tank top with ruffle detail: a&f $9
black flair skirt: delia’s $15

see through polka-dot shirt: cotton on(aussie brand) $7.2
necklace with feather charms: cotton on $1.60
crackle stone bracelet with heart charm: cotton on $1.2
knee high socks: delia’s $2 (getting ready for the winter)

are you a harry potter fan? I read all their books and watched all their movies, but I don’t consider myself a fan. just like to finish what I’ve started. I watched deathly hollows part 2 on saturday and it was satisfying. I’m a little disappointed that the ultimate fight scene wasn’t epic enough, but I’m cutting it some slack since it’s a kid’s movie. I’m glad they made a conclusive ending unlike LOST(the tv series. any fans out there?). overall, a great movie. mini poll: which is the worst harry potter movie? both mr. adventure and I think the goblet of fire is the most boring and cheesy. what do you think?


PopBlush said...

Love your clothing haul! I am yet to watch Harry Potter ^_^
I like Cotton On, especially during sale time =)

Penelope said...

Wow, such an amazing haul. The tank top with the black flair skirt looks so good together. Love your OOTD, you have a gorgeous figure!

Pop Champagne said...

nice clothing haul, and no I'm not a harry potter fan haha, i read the first 3 books and saw the first few movies but haven't been keeping up with it. as for the worst harry potter movie I think the first one, I mean everything lead to when he meets the whom not be named or whatever and whom not be named touch HP and burned and that was it! so much build up for nothing hahaha just my opinion!

Jessy said...

Great haul~~~i used the Cortex Professional 4 in 1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set...but the biggest one out of the 4 irons~~


Savvy Gal said...

I am adoring your shoes.

Nic Nic said...

love the floral them going on there... i seem to be lacking on that right now! love your the outfit you out together in the first picture!

Joey said...

Cute haul! Ah, shopping therapy, don't we all love that :)
I like your pastel nails and your rings, too. So sweet!

I am a fan of the books, but I pretty much hated the movies (yes, classic case of annoying fan who always goes "the book is so much better"), except for the last 2 because
a) The kids have grown up and can actually act better now
b) CGI effects were quite nice

Worst movie is the first one. It completely ruined my imagination of the Potter world.

Sorry for the mini rant hehe

AllThingsGirly said...

Love the black skirt :) Great haul :)

calicoaster said...

Lovely hau!! :D I loved your cute black skirt!! :) :) <3 <3 <3


Yumeko said...

the catring is so cuteee
and i cant decide which is the worst harrypotter movie
i kinda like them all XD

xin said...

I love ur nails and cat rings! they are so gorgeous <3

wifluvelle said...

i read all hp books too hehe
i rmb ofelia was the one intro me, when she came back from uk ^^
i havent see the last movie yet!

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