Snippets of our honeymoon ~ Koh Lanta, Thailand

We tied the knot one year ago on 5/3/2012 where we signed our nuptials, but we had our wedding reception on 2/2/2013.

Anyway, back to our honeymoon.I always wanted our honeymoon to be on a beach with clear blue ocean and we decided on Koh Lanta, Thailand. It's a remote island close to Krabi (a popular destination which we decided to avoid).

Travel date: 2/4/2013-2/6/2013

We flew in from Kuala Lumpur (that's where we had our wedding reception) to Krabi and took a taxi from the airport to the ferry port. You would think taxi from the airport is safe. WRONG!!! The taxi took us to a different port where he probably had a deal with the ferry operator. We didn't realize at first as everything was in Thai and the ferry operator kept trying to sell us tickets. We decided not to buy the tickets as it seems odd. There was no one besides us at the port. I would expect the port to be bustling with passengers etc. We walked around the port and saw a sign with a different port name that we had originally wanted to go. We confronted the taxi driver (yeah, he was sitting on the bench outside chatting with the ferry operator) and with his frustrated face, drove us to the correct port. I was a bit scared to be honest. who knows if he'll drive us to a secluded area and rob us. I was snapping a ton of photos with my phone of the driver the car etc. just in case. Thankfully everything went well from there. It kinda dampened my mood a little though. 

The ride to Koh Lanta is definitely an eye opening adventure.To exchange passengers, the ferry would stop in the middle of the ocean and long tail boats would come side by side and the passengers would just climbed over the ferry to the long tail boats and they would passed the luggage over. If you take a wrong step, you'll end up in the open water. They seemed like pirates to me ;D. Anyhow, Koh Lanta is the last stop and we didn't have to go through that.

I miss Thai Iced tea.

We stayed at Twin Lotus Resort in a beach front bungalow. The architecture and decor is a blend of modern minimalist with some traditional Thai culture. The service was great and the staff was friendly. Landscaping was beautiful, amenities well maintained, free bicyles and kayaks for guests. I would definitely recommend this resort.

The kissing swans are so cute. 

We swam, cycled, drank fresh coconut and relaxed by the beach. 



We had dinner at Time For Lime, a Thai Fusion restaurant which also offers cooking classes. The dining area was on top of a tree - sorta like a tree house. The food and drinks was excellent, the atmosphere was perfect. 


We were spoiled by the delicious buffet breakfast provided by the resort. There was Thai fried rice, pad thai, congee, omelets to order, various pastries and tropical fruits etc. They changed the menu everyday. Why can't the hotel's in the states serve decent food besides bacon, eggs and waffles? 



The most exciting part being on an island is the lack of traffic. We rented a scooter for a day and explored the island. mr. adventure was of course being adventurous while I was holding him tightly and screaming at him to slow down. Well, I never rode in a 2 wheeled vehicle moving faster than 20mph. 

This is how you buy gasoline in Koh Lanta. 


The seafood at one of the local restaurants are fresh and extremely tasty. Living in Central Texas makes me crave seafood all the time. Coincidentally, there was a carnival and night market nearby while we were there. 


Next stop Bangkok - a shopping heaven~~~~
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Happy Saturday!