cushy’s threads + seafood

updata on mantao: he’s still lost. I’m not giving up, but I really wish he’s having fun roaming around becoming king of the cat’s world. I noticed there are a few missing cats around my neighborhood. mantao must be recruiting his army.  think positive! thanks to all your sweet and encouragement comments Smile 

mr. adventure took me to a seafood restaurant, pappadeaux for a little cheer me up. we don’t have a lot of good seafood restaurant being in central texas, so pappadeaux is pretty decent.


fresh oysters all to myself. sometimes it’s a good thing when your bf don’t like the same food.

fried seafood platter. the batter was light and crispy. I have a sore throat now. blaming this and the heat wave.

my threads for the day.
comfy floral dress: aerie (showed in my haul post)
black messenger bag: nordstrom rack for $10
gladiator sandals: ross
eiffel tower and bow necklace: gifted from shanghai

to everyone and myself, “drink more water to combat the heat!”


tiffyama said...

Cute outfit! Oh no~ hopefully you'll find your cat soon. =[ I know how it feels to lose a pet...I hope yours will eventually come home~

Nic Nic said...

ahh I hope you cat comes home soon!

the seafood looks yum, esp. the fish and chips hehe...

oh i like how you mixed up feminine flower and edgy black :D

Maria May said...

I really hope you find your cat soon :/

ohh i love seafood <3 im so jalous and hungry now ><

Lisa said...

love your floral dress super cute on you it looks like a romper!! hehe

i loveee raw oysters!! i have a sore throat too i thought i was the only one that was sick in 100 degree weather!!

i hope you find mantao soon!!!! my fingers are crossed for you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sweetie, I am sending you positive vibes. Hope we get some good news on Mantao. :)

You look adorable in your outfit! really does help when your man doesn't like the same food. Feel better soon!

Savvy Gal said...

cute summer dress. drooling over your food now.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey doll! I'm in L.A and it's only a few hours away from Vegas. Vegas is a very popular destination for L.A peeps (or Californians in general)...hehe. ;)

wifluvelle said...

wow very big oyster yum!!!!!
ur hair so long now, nicee

breakingrumours said...

food looks yummy! i hope mantao returns home soon :/

TheEmmiFace said...

Very cute outfit! I love how the edgy gladiator sandals contrast the feminine dress. Good luck on finding mantao! ~Emily

Joey said...

I hope your cat comes home soon. I'm glad you're thinking positive. My friend's cat once went away for nearly a month, but came back on its own without a scratch. Don't give up :)

Lulu said...

hi cushy :) I got the conair crimper from amazon, you can also find it at CVS, hope that helps :)

hope your kitty will come home soon!!! <3

ps-gonna follow u now :)

Liberty Walk Sara said...

Great! nice blog. :)

Amy said...

I like your outfit ^^ n it's so sweet of your boyfriend to take you to that seafood restaurant to cheer you up! Hope you find Mantao soon~ It's like he's gone forever :(

stellarvixen said...

think positive indeed!! king cat~ i like that too~ hehe

my guy doesnt dig oyster either lol all for muhself!!

nice lookof the day! why dun you join lookbook?

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