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one boring afternoon, I browsed the web as usual and ended up looking at josie maran website….opps. I heard good things about their 100% pure argan oil, but not so much on their makeup. when I came across the “good buys” section, I knew I had to get something…..double opps.


my fav item,wildflower argan powder palette.

Swatches without primer
L2R: Eye Shadow in Pearl (shimmering white), Cashmere (shimmering taupe), Magic (deep grey), Plum (shimmering plum), Lilac (shimmering lavender), Blush in Little Kisses (soft peach),  Shimmer Powder in Posey (shimmering pink) and Blush in Baby Cheeks (soft rose)

I’m in love with this palette especially plum and lilac. some of the colors are soft, but definitely buildable for smoky eyes. the texture is smooth and easy to blend. this palette is great for travelling as it as 5 eyeshadows to mix for a soft day look or a night mysterious smoky look. the blushers and highligher is a huge plus as you don’t have to carry any additional makeup. I don’t know about you, but I like to travel light (more space for shopping?)

natural wonder argan powder palette
Swatches without primer
L2R: Eye Shadow in Daydream (shimmery apricot), Hope (bright iridescent blue- purple), Desire (iridescent teal), Trance (shimmery gold), Think (shimmery copper brown), Blush in Illusion (deep rose), Bronzing Powder in Beach No. 1 (bronze), Blush in Fiction (peachy pink),

this palette has interesting colors, such as hope and desire. I don’t own any of these colors, so they are good to have in case I wake up one morning and decide that it’s going to be a colorful day. i ‘m loving the blushers and bronzer. again good for traveling and smooth and fine texture as well as easy to blend.
argan oil lipstick in birthday suit
L2R: Lipstick in Birthday Suit, Lip Liner in Peach and Natural
birthday suit is a sheer nude beige color sort of like a milk tea color. as for the lip liner, they don’t look peach nor natural to me. the swatches doesn’t wow me at all. they seem too dark. hopefully they’ll look ok on my lips.

I believe they’ll still on sale in their website josiemaran

la la la la la la~~~~ la la la la la~~~~
I’m collecting the smurfs toys from mcdonald’s. I know I know. it’s supposed to be for kids. but hey, they bring back childhood memories. do kids know about smurfs anyway? I doubt it. boy…I feel old now. during my quest, I learned that you don’t have to purchase a happy meal to get the toy. you can just buy the toy. have you watched the movie? heard it’s a flop.


Riya~ said...

I'm so jealous that you purchased her palette, I kept looking at the website on the 'good buys' but never had the chance to place an order. Now you're tempting me!!! Thanks for this post! =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

What? You can just buy the toy? How much is it? I loved watching the Smurfs...hehe. ;) Your JM haul is so nice! Really love the soft, pigmented colors.

ShinyPrettyThings said...

the josie maran palettes are gorgeous!!! and omg i didn't even know McDonalds had smurf toys! must go. glad they let u just buy the toy. im too embarassed to get a happy meal LOL

Florence said...

drought ? how severe ? :(
aw thanks for your comment.
great palettes! love the colors!


lilyonthewater said...

How awesome is this palette? I will look for it, thanks for posting this!
Great blog!

Maria May said...

Wow, they both look awesome! I really love that they both are so glittery <3
I totally remembered i used to collect toys from mc donalds. Unfortunately i didn't go there very often no i never finished my collections :(

Joey said...

Wait, what?? You guys got better Smurfs! The McD's in the UK are giving away Smurfs, too, but its soft and weird-looking.
I loved the cartoons, have yet to watch the movie. I don't know why a lot of people gave it crap even before the movie came out. Hmmm...

Shop N' Chomp said...

$1?!?! Sooo just buying the toy from now on...hahaha! Thanks ;)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, that's cute! I didn't know McDonald's were putting smurfs in their happy meals.

& I felt old when talking to my sister about Smurfs. She was like "O_o uh, what's a smurf?" My jaw dropped, I couldn't believe she had no clue what they were when I grew up watching them on TV. lol
But I guess that's what a 5 year age gap can do. haha


PopBlush said...

Those JM palettes are gorgeous!

The smurf toys are sooo cute! lol.

breakingrumours said...

can't wait for this! they are having hello kitty watches here in msia mcd lol

Magda said...

i love your bloog is very cool¡¡¡ kisses From Mexico :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Get thee to Costco! If not for the diamonds, for everything else. ;P

Chococcuro said...

oo I'm hearing a lot about Argan oil...is it really good for you??

Savvy Gal said...

yay.... for smurfs.... i love the packaging.

Florence said...

thanks for your comment! how's the weather now ? any more dryness ? :D


Nic Nic said...

ohh i have never heard of this brand.. the palette looks pretty and very versatile to use!

wifluvelle said...

of coz u cant resist josie, the casing is super nice, like lunasol, and so many colours!!! eotds!
can u name all the smurfs? rmb when we young, we watched non stop..i also miss jem and the holograms!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The Josie Maran palettes are SOOOOOO gorgeous! I remember wanting to pick them up while they were on sale at her website but completely forgot!

Lisa said...

ohhhh those palettes are gorgeous!!!

SMURFS!!! haha

ps. the kickback from the pistol was INSANE!! i ended up feeling like i was shooting the ceiling it pushed back so hard

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