japan nite + b’day

last week was sxsw in austin. formore information about this event, visit their website. basically, it's a set of music + movies + interactive festivals and conferences. i did not purchase the wristband (it's $500-$700 0_0). it's expensive and i had to work. you have to be there from day to night to make your money worth. anyway, we went to japan nite tour. the bands are from japan and they are awesome. some of the merchandise profit will be donated to help japan and they were people collecting donation as well. one of member from lolita no.18 is from sendai. it was very touching to hear her first-handed story. please pray for japan! gambare! the crowd was pretty wild as people shoved, jumped, and screamed whole night. my ears were ringing so badly.





2 weekends ago was my birthday. is birthday a reminder that you're getting older? i like to think that it's a day for a reason to eat! mr. adventure cooked a lovely breakfast and baked a mantao cake. then, i cleaned up the house. i know i'm weird. but, i think cleaning is therapeutic and i always feel great when i'm done and everything is in order. after cleaning, we went for a bike ride. great to be outdoors on a lovely day. at night, we went out for food and fun with friends. we had way too much food and was super stuffed.



mantao giving me a present?


went out for a spring break fun although we have no spring break :(


picked up birthday present from sephora and victoria secret


mr. adventure got me a clarisonic mia. so, far i'm loving it!



♥PopBlush♥ said...

Omg, you got the clarisonic!! I would love to hear how it works for you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy Belated! Looks like you had a fun time celebrating =D Love the cute cake and breakfast...hehe. So sweet of your man to get you a Clarisonic!

stellarvixen said...

Mr.Adventure is such a dahling!and what a cute tagname~ OMG mantao cake cum brownie is a touch of LOVE!! did it taste good? looks funny indeed and the breakfast looked like the villain from sega~!

happy birthday ms.cushy! love ya too! and mantao

do review about the clarisonic!!!

austin can be so cool! with japan night!

cushy said...

the cake turned out very different from what he imagined. it's way too sweet for us. we ate some and the rest went into the trash :P

thanks stellar!

H Rija said...

You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

My Lyfe ; My Story

cushy said...

sure rita. i followed you :)

ChanelAfterCoco said...

Happy birthday ;) & the cat is cute :D (we can be followers if you want ;) ) bisous

Lisa said...

happy belated birthday!! omg your mantoe cake and your breakfast look so cute!! hahah mr. adventure seems so thoughtful! ohh i want a clairasonic mia so bad!! you'll have to do a review and let us know how you like it!

Shop N' Chomp said...

You have a good eye. Marc Jacobs designed this. ;)

Choiii said...

Looks like you had an awesome time, belated happy birthday :) Gahh i really want the mia, sadly it comes with a price tag :/ review pleaseee :L
The cake and the breakfast is awesssomeee :P

Ice Pandora said...

Wow you are so lucky to see real life bands from outta Japan! I've donated some money aswell for Japan.
Happy belated birthday aswell!

cushy said...

thanks for the wishes and lovely comments ladies. will review mia soon.

Hazel said...

belated happy birthday :) nice items you bought from sephora!

Caramella said...

Lovely pictures and your cat is so cute! I really like your blog, will follow you! Ciao from Italy! :)

sugar sugar said...

lucky you! i hope the clairsonic mia works well for you! :3 belated happy birtday dear! ^-^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks for entering!

I played around in Blogger on it and I have a feeling it would be a lot easier if I already had an iPhone (which I don't) b/c I'm still getting used to using a touch screen.

heartbreaker said...

the breakfast looks super cute and yummy lol.

Joey said...

This is very, very late, but Happy Belated Birthday!! hehehe
I love how your cat is named Mantao and I love that cake!
I find washing dished really therapeutic. I just like to see how clean the plates and stuff are and the feeling of water running over my hands :D
It's great to see so much effort put in to raise funds for Japan. Again, today, they were hit by another earthquake. I really, really hope they will continue to stay strong and recover soon.

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