Japan Day 1

travel date: 1/27/2011

long flight from austin->la->narita. one of the things i dislike living in central texas. nevertheless, korean air made it comfortable for us. the flight was pretty empty and we got the whole row to ourselves. we occupied ourselves with the in-flight entertainment (watched 4 movies) and cozied up until we arrived at narita. the food was blah. in my opinion, flights from asia serve better food than from US.

arrived at narita without a single yen on us. good thing we saw a bunch of atm at the airport. grabbed the nex+suica package from jr counter and we were off to tokyo. nex is incredibly comfortable.

we experienced the busyness at tokyo station during rush hour. it's almost impossible to walk across the flow of people. the key is to just keep walking and avoid knocking anyone.

finally, arrived at our hotel. the room is tiny as expected, but it's clean and had a great view. i love the bidet. it's one of the greatest invention ever. wish i could buy one home :)

after showered, we went to ginza. to my surprise, everyone wore black, grey or white. it's not as trendy as i though japan would be. maybe because it's a weekday and i'm only seeing the OL and salarymen getting off from work. it's almost closing time when we got there. they close at 8-9pm? we wondered inside matsuzakaya and saw lots of hime stuffs on the ufufugirls level. i refrained from buying anything since we will be going to hakone and i don't want to increase my luggage weight. finally, had laduree macaroons at mitsukoshi. wanted to get my hands on them ever since my paris trip got cancelled last year. the macaroons and cake were super yummy.

we decided to head back to our hotel since everything was closed and we were very tired. stopped by a convenience store near our hotel to grab some snacks and drinks. curry noodle is the best instant food on the planet.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Cheese curry? Now that's a first (for me). <3 your trip pics!

Lisa said...

love your japan pics :) following you now too!!

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