kite festival + fashion dupe

austin weather is so unpredictable. i have to check the weather every morning before planning my OOTD making iphone a plus to have. last saturday was austin's anual kite festival. they had competitions, food vendors, and basically people just lay on their blanket or attempt to fly kites. the weather was great, but more wind would be better.
it think more than 1k people showed up. we had to park very far cos' they had the parking full sign up. it was pretty empty as we walked past. lesson learned....ignore those signs.

OOTD. hat and shoes from malaysia(love shopping there). top from mng. skirt from japan. purse from longchamp. necklace from dior.

my 2nd fav carnival treat. no.1 fav is churros. yum :P

jumbo corn dog.

love this colorful frog kite.

a giant blue teddy bear kite. it took them a long time to fly it.
i was browsing zara website and saw this beautiful embroidered dress which look so similar to the one i bought from malaysia. zara version: $99.
my version: $12. i love shopping in asia :)
it's friday tomorrow. yippeee...........have a great weekend and happy spring break!


Lisa said...

i loooooove funnel cake and corn dogs too!!

you look so cute love your polka dot skirt!!

love your cream lace dress so pretty!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

ur outfit is cute! :)

and $12 for tht lace dress?
gotta love asian store shopping ^^

thnx 4 following ^^

im following u back! :)

xin said...

omg I think ur dress is even more beautiful than that from zara! And the big corn dog looks yummy~ Very nice pics from the festival too!!

Lynn said...

Looks like so much fun! And the lace dress is soo pretty, really want a white one too :).
And the corn dog looks soo yummy! Wish they have them here in the Netherlands!

♥PopBlush♥ said...

Ooooo Curios!! haha
Looks like u had a fun day babe! Love the polka dot skirt :D and I love lace~

Yeah, I know.. too bad staying power of Dior is average but seriously, it still love it hehe ^^

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh, how fun! I wish I could go to a Kite Festival! :) I haven't had a corndog in AGES! Yummy. :)

Oh, and I adore that new lace dress you bought. So pretty and how awesome it was so inexpensive! xo

t said...

Cute outfit! And super cute dress you got!

Eva said...

churros and corndogs yummmmm :D

Juliet said...

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Juliet xxx

With Love, Elle said...

so lucky u got similar ones!!!!

xoxo elle

♡Yumeko said...

awwww,i love your outfit!!^__^* It so cute
PS;Thanks for being my new follower and for the sweet comment!^^ <3<3<3

GorJess Fashion For Less said...

Love your skirt! So cute! The kite festival looks fun!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love the $12 dress! :) The lace is just gorgeous! :D I LOVE kite festivals! I went to a few in California last summer!! LOL

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