thoughts and prayers to japan

everyone was shocked by the devastating news on friday, march 11th 2011. it's tragic and saddening to everyone in the world. it's amazing how japan absorbs disaster with admirable calm and fortitude. please pray that family and friends are able to get in touch with one another and give your thoughts to those that were taken by the earthquake and tsunami.

the estimated lost was $180B. please help through your employer matching charity or other legit charity.

shibuya crossing aftershocks.

shibuya crossing goes dark to maintain power reserves. taken by tokyo resident brian scott peterson. (Reblogged from pureaesthetic)

shibuya crossing when i was there a little over a month ago.


♥PopBlush♥ said...

:,( what has happened is so awful.. My heart goes out to everyone effected. :(

Juliet said...

It is so terrible!

Juliet xxx

Jennifer said...

it was such a disaster :( hope it'll turn out fine soon!

p.s. just followed you on twitter :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

The first picture is so haunting. Hope things stabilize soon and that the aftershocks cease.

stellarvixen said...

japan is now like a time bomb!
the tsunami was already devastating now the nuclear plant meltdown ordeal..

many are afraid of the radiation :(
long term diseases...
power outages causes productivity dropped..

perhaps is about time government and company pay closer attention to their LANDS and PEOPLE welfare instead of profit and economic !

Susan said...

This is sooo sad! I did donate through my employer and they did match! I hope things get better quick!

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