tax free haul

2 weekends ago was texas tax free weekend for back to school shoppers. i'm not in school anymore, but who says i can't take advantage of it....(evil grin).

i went to san marcos outlet (if you're in the area definitely check out this outlet). it's huge with a lot of designer brand stores if you like them (i.e. gucci, tory burch, fendi, ferragamo, and prada(coming end of this year)). as expected i wasn't the only one taking advantage of the tax free weekend. there were so many people that we had to spend 30 mins just to park. texas heat ain't helping either.

i was hoping to score a pair of ferragamo low heel chucky pump, but found none that i like at the price that i like. there were some discounted ones for cheaper, but not what i wanted. it's always a hit or a miss at the outlet. that's the price to pay for not wanting to pay retail.

side adventure read somewhere that some goods(probably low-end to mid-range) that are made in italy are actually made by chinese immigrants living in italy with low wages and poor working conditions. you would think "made in italy" are goods made by highly crafted artistic italian, but that's not always the case. what are your thoughts?

showing some of my favorites.

from bcbg, thick black blazer (so ready for fall). think this will be nice to wear over bright colored dresses.

from banana republic, high heel sandal (surprisingly pretty comfortable)018

from forever21, off white blazer (love the W cutting at the bottom)

from cc0, l’occitane and crabtree & evelyn
rose 4 reines hydrating face mist. very light with a lovely scent.
body foam wash in mango and pomegranate. smells yummy but doesn't lather as well as i like. more bubbles-> more fun!
hand therapy in lavender(i'm loving the faint scent and the mini tube that fits in my purse)
hand therapy in citron honey & coriander
boobi brown concealer in beige. great match and great coverage.
l’occitane cheery blossom solid perfume. the floral scent is sweet and not too overwhelming.  

mcdonald’s smufs toys are over and I only have 4. kicking myself for not making the extra turn when I  passed by one.

I’m going to anaheim mid-sept for a conference. any recommendations for places to pick up japan/korean beauty items around the area? not sure if I have the time, but just in case ;P


herroyalbleakness said...


herroyalbleakness said...

Another fun post, cushy! I liked the W hem on that blazer :) and the loccitane cherry blossom solid perfume sounds yummy!

I hope u get to score Korean/jap stuff in the area!

Nic Nic said...

I love outlets especially when you can find amazing bargains!! lovely haul!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I agree that outlets can be hit or miss but you got yourself some pretty awesome hits there. =D Love your BR sandals!

ShinyPrettyThings said...

yeah outlets are just based on luck for me. they usually never have the small sizes i need, esp in shoes -_- but i love your BR sandals!! you got some great things =D

Penelope said...

Great haul, especially love the white blazer!

We don't have tax free weekends here, everyone would go mental if they did. Stampedes everywhere. So lucky that you have such weekends!

wifluvelle said...

that heel is the trend now, i want one too! yay disneyland here u go!

Lisa said...

Ohhh loved looking through your haul!! That bcnu jacket is so pretty!!

No secret haha just shampoo and condition daily with pantene pro-v. I also do a monthly olive oil treatment :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WHAT?!? Wow, tax free!?

Oh I'm so jealous!

Where I'm from we've never had weekends like that. But maybe it's a good thing or else I'd go a little crazy shopping and spending all sorts of money I shouldn't be using. Lol


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Tax free shopping?! Awesome! I wish California had events like that! :P great haul!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks, hun. :)

Silkybow said...

omg I would love a tax free haul!!!
I love those shoes that you bought :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

For dim sum, I like having po lei (pu-erh) tea. I find some dim sum dishes to be greasy so I like a tea that's a little strong to combat it...hehe. :) How about you?

ThisIsAlx said...

Im sooo jealous that u guys pay less for products AND occasioanlly gets Tax free wth!! lol I want that here in CAnada!! =[ our prices are 20-30% MORE PLUS 13% tax!! BOOOOOooo lol!!.. but I was glad that last time I went ot north carolina I got the chance to experience tax free weekend!! =D but only purchased little because I was too busy to go shopping!! T_T.. Btw replying to ur comment on my glymm box (I know i'm soo behind! u probably forgot what u said haha...) but yea glymm and luxe box does have the surveys thing but its all multiple choice do we dont get to say "NO MORE RED POLISH PLEASE!" haha I wish I could lol


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