haul from sasa

sasa had free shipping above $25 a few weeks ago. great timing as my cleansing oil is running low and i didn't want to spend $75 for the usual free shipping offer. the package takes ~14 days to arrive.

mask! can never get enough of them. i've been seeing this cold stone MBD masks in several blogs. i miss cold stone. used to have them all the time when i was in pittsburgh. fortunately,  there's amy's ice-cream(similar to cold stone, but local) whenever i need a cold creamery fix with crush-in. what’s your fav ice-cream flavor? mr. adventure always chooses chocolate with almond, which guarantees delicious. i on the other hand, always choose something new and 50% of the time ended being a bad choice…lol can’t imagine the scent of this mask. i’m so curious now. think I’m going to use it after posting this. picked up japanese cherry blossom mask as i love the scent and whitening benefit.


pssst.........although, i love MDB masks, but my hands down fav is silk whitia masks. they are very generous with the extra essence and they really moisture/whiten my skin. the whitening masks are currently out of stock and they are slightly more expensive than MDB.

kokubo funny face sponge is too cute to pass up. supposedly it has unique fibers to remove dead skin effectively.


kose softymo deep cleansing oil. in my cleansing oil review post here, i mentioned that i want to try this. hopefully it's as good as laneige or DHC. did you haul anything from sasa recently?


have a great 4th of july people!!! we’re not going to have fireworks this year because of the drought. anyhow, I’m going to enjoy the long weekend. one extra day of holiday makes a lot of difference. agree?


breakingrumours said...

will you be reviewing the cold stone mbd mask? ^^ it looks...so tempting. and yes,an extra day makes a big difference!

Jessy said...

great haul~~~but i cant use my beauty diary masks~~~im allergic to them~~~but the face sponge is sooooo cute~~~


Florence said...

hey dear :D I loved reading this post, it was awesomely interesting and I love your gorgeous buys.

Cutie pictures, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! followed you!



Nic Nic said...

ah the coldstone mask looks cool! Ive using the whitening version of the softymo cleansing oil it was pretty good. I still have half a bottle of it left! I love their Point Eye Makeup Remover.

Havent hauled on their website for 3 years now. I actually prefer Watsons when I'm in HK these days lol. Nice haul anyway!

PopBlush said...

I love face masks~~ I haven't tried the 'Cold Stone' one though. Looking forward to a review if you have time xo

stellarvixen said...

masks frenzy!!! whooa yummy coldstone MBD masks! i saw coldstone all over taipei~ guess about time they collaborate teehee!

my fav ice cream fix is haagen diaz - belgian choc with coffee! japanese macha!while the MR. prefer almond nuts and goma/sesame flavor

my current HG cleansing oil is BIORE in purple bottle! SOO CHEAP AND effective haha rm 20 only

wifluvelle said...

i started to use the fancl cleansing oil u got me hehe really good, no fragrance!


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