OOTD ~ vintage

my 1st attempt to vintage style


top: banana republic
skirt: thrifted
belt: don’t remember
purse: samatha thavasa from my tokyo haul
earrings: singapore
flats: malaysia

I also colored and trimmed my bangs. I was so stressed at work that I needed to do something different and changing my hair seemed to do the trick!

sharing some photos that I took while jogging around lady bird lake





lost and found


have a nice last weeks of june


Nic Nic said...

your OOTD is pretty and girly! love the pint on your skirt. You pull off the midi-skirt very well!

PopBlush said...

I absolutely love your outfit~~ First attempt is perfect vintage style~~

ThisIsAlx said...

Thank you soo much for the sweetest comment ever!! no one ever said that it looked like something u guys would buy =O ...thankkk u!! and thank u for following hehe i followed back =] and i love ur outfit!

tiffyama said...

Aw, your outfit is super cute! :D You pull it off nicely~ I like your hair too!

Great pictures too. Hmm, interesting lost and found...

Florence said...

great look, awesome blog

followed you! feel free to visit and follow me!


breakingrumours said...

so many keys lost XD btw you look sweet with that outfit :) gotta love florals. and I didn't know your from Malaysia!!! :) did you migrate to the states?

wifluvelle said...

i wore floral the other day, similar to cath k designs, vin said i look oldie :(
how come u went jogging wif fon? hehe

xoxo elle

Joey said...

Love your new hair! Definitely a great change. Love the colour.

Awww this outfit is so sweet. I think it was a success. You should try vintage styles more often ;)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

thanks for your comment :3 waah u played dota too? I can't stop playing since since I was in high school. haha... I just graduated from college thought and couldn't pacified my love for dota yet xD
and yeah, it's really hard to find a girl who played dota :33

Mui Stylelicious said...

your outfit is so cuuute...so girlyy :) love it ;)

new follower here ;)


Yami said...

Thank you so much! I looove your outfit! You look incredibly cute and chic~ I am a follower too :D

D.Sadie said...

Aww, I love your outfit! And that lost and found thing is so cool and nice. haha.

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cominica-ai said...

I totally love your skirt!! :D

lydeeloo said...

these are all such great pictures! so pretty.

and i love how you styled this skirt. id say your 1st attempt was a success, its gorgeous! xoxo

augustalolita said...

wonderful photos!! i adore your outfit!! that skirts beautiful and i love your hair color <3

Amy said...

LOVE your outfit! totally cute!!! x

stellarvixen said...

very girlish OOTD! and i luvvv your hair color! i just DIY my hair using liese ASH BROWN! definitely give me a facelift moodlift hahaha

interesting photos~!

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