Weekly photo challenge ~ Vacation Edition

A little late this week. I've been busy hunting for wedding gift and planning a short trip to San Francisco(for the wedding). Coincidently this week's challenge is about vacation. Great timing yumeko. Check hers out here.

1. Somewhere you visited on your last vacation

We went to Taipei. I blogged about it previous posts. Check them out if you're interested.

2. Something you bought on your last vacation

A ring/jewelry holder from muji. I always have a hard time organizing rings. Time to shop for new rings to fill it up.

3. Something you ate on your last vacation

I got to picked this crepe wrap ice cream. The weather is excruciating hot in the summer and I'm always craving for cold ice cream or froyo. I miss that peanut and cilantro ice cream wrap in a crepe.

4. A ticket/bill/receipt from your last vacation

I decided to share one FamilyMart receipt. The receipts in Taiwan is particularly small and they're printed on both sides. Great for the environment, we should adapt it here :)

5. The number 1 place where you live, that you think people should visit
Soco aka south congress avenue on the first Thursday of each month.



Austin is a small "weird" city. You'll definitely get a taste of the "weirdness" at soco. It's like one big block party with trailer food, arts and crafts vendors, shops, restaurants and live music.



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