Fickle Friday Five ~ what's in your bag

It's time for fickle Friday five. It's technically 2 hours passed Friday, but I'm doing it anyway :) Check out yumeko's Entry (Swooning over her Chanel wallet).

1. Cellphone

yup, I'm using an old, crack but goodie Samsung Solstice. I gave my iPhone to my mum and currently nothing in the market appeals to me. I'm waiting for a compact, lightweight, > 8mp camera phone that runs on ice-cream sandwich. Is that too much to ask??

2. Something to keep your money in

My everyday Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet with tons of card slots, which I absolutely need.

3. Something in your wallet

I'm showing my keys instead with tons of loyalty store cards and a rilakkuma key glove to distinguish the most frequently use key (they all look the same). I figured it's more interesting than showing receipts or credit cards......hopefully.

4. Makeup you carry on the go

I carry my makeup in a cath kidston pouch which I got from their spring/summer 2012 mook. flower prints are never boring.
Baviphat Sugar girl peach sebum solution pact powder (pretty mouthful). I like the fresh peach scent and how it sets my foundation nicely without caking. The oil control is decent as well. I'm happy to pick this up on sale for $4 in kl.
Fresh mini sugar rose tinted lip treatment with spf15. This is a last year birthday gift from sephora. I'm obsess with this all-in-one lip product. I can just carry this out and call it a day without hauling a separate lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. It's very moisturizing plus I love the lemon scent.
Bath&BodyWorks hand sanitizer. You never know what you'll touch.
Rotho eye drops for my dry eyes when I wear contact lens.

5. Whatever you wish to share from your bag

I decided to share my fresh out of the box Tyra wedges from JustFab. It's a subscription website where you take a personalize quiz and they'll match shoes/purses/accessories with your style. Every item is $39.95, but I got my first pair for half off during their promotion.Can't wait to wear them out tomorrow. Check back to see how I'll pair them.



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