Snippets of our honeymoon ~ Bangkok, Thai Day 2

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hei Fat Choi! Wishing everyone is having a good time welcoming the year of horse.

Travel date: 2/7/2013

The hotel breakfast was not doing anything good to our weight. I could have congee for breakfast anytime.


A food stall under pedestrian bridge.

Mr. Adventure loves the "tuk-tuk" ride. It feels like you're in a theme park besides inhaling carbon monoxide. 

Agenda for the day - Shopping at Platinum Mall.
This is a wholesale shopping at this mall (you'll get a better bargain the more you buy from a particular seller). You'll see a ton of clothes, shoes, belts, accessories, purses at every corner in the mall. It can be overwhelming, but at least it's indoor shopping with A/C. We did some serious damage here. You'll understand once you see the estimated pricing below.

There are hundreds of these shops in the mall.

Of course we had to try the food court at Platinum Mall(there are 2 buildings next to one another. The food court is inside the 2nd building with all the accessories). I had a hard time choosing from the vast selections, I finally opted for some good old Pad Thai. Mr. Adventure had a herbal soup with a lot of meat (had no idea what's it's called). We also had Bird Nest soup, Sticky Rice and Guava juices.

Food Pricing:
Entree: $1.50-2
Bird Nest: $3.3 crazy!
Stikcy Rice: $2.6
Fresh Juice: $1.60

After unloading our haul and rested in our room(my feet was killing me), we head out to MBK mall. There are a ton of vendors along the street between the BTS station and MBK mall. Take your time browsing these stalls as you will find some good bargain. I prefer shopping here than Platinum Mall for accessories. They are cheaper for exactly the same items.

Food and shopping galore!

MBK mall is for the tech and jewelry junkies. We went to the international food court inside MBK, which was unintentional. The food was fantastic, but the price was more expensive than the local food court. The seafood fried rice was delicious with a ton of spices.

Food Price:
Entree: $6-8


Shoes: $13
Tops: $6-8
T-shirts: $2.50-3
Dress: $7-9
Earring: $4.20 for 5 pairs
Bangles/Bracelets:  $3-4
Phone covers: $6

The clothes and shoes quality are not great. For the price, it's amazing for fast fashion pieces. On the other hand, the accessories are much better quality than Forever21. They still haven't tarnished after months of wearing them.

After a long day of shopping, we ended the night with a foot massage. Ahh~~~I can walk again :)

And a late night snack. The popular MAMA instant cup!

Tips: It's faster to take the BTS instead of Tuk-Tuk or Taxi during rush hour.


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