Brilliant JewelMint Mystery Box

I have a feeling the JewelMint craze is slowing dying down as there are mystery box offers in my inbox almost every month. I've only been visiting JewelMint website once a month to skip my monthly subscription. Most of the time I didn't even bother to checkout my showroom. Anyhow, I have 1 credit available and decided to spend in on the Brilliant Mystery Box which is supposedly for the new year. In my opinion, the mystery boxes usually contains unpopular past seasons items, which I don't mind this time around as I like to be surprised. The box promises at least 4 items.

I was pleasantly surprise when I received 10 items in my box. I've order mystery boxes in the past and I've never received more than the promised minimum. I was psyched when "unboxing" and revealing each piece. 

Meet Backstage Necklace - Sparkles and Gems. I wish I've gotten this earlier as it would have looked great over the holidays. Keeper!

On Safari Necklace - I probably won't choose this piece given a choice, but after seeing it in person it's gorgeous. It accesorize well on a simple t-shirt or sweater. Not a fan of the white rope though. 

Amber Drizzle Earrings - Nice weight and well made

Orion Bracelet - This is one of my favorite piece. It has a nice weight and those 3 black gems spook me. 

It's A Cinch Bracelet - Meh!! The worst item of the lot. I can't believe them charging $29.99 for this. It looks like it's made from scrap material. 

Moto Chic Bracelet - The quality aren't great. It's pretty but not worth $29.99. 

White Cobblestone Cuff - Better quality than the Moto Chic Bracelet, but not that unique. 

Flash Forward Bracelet - I guess this is supposed to be a "futuristic" bracelet. I don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. I'm not into huge bracelet. 

Rebel Rouge Bracelet - Spikes!! Decent quality and a keeper. 

Bare Bones Earrings - Another edgy punk piece. I do love skulls and have quite a bit of collection. Keeping it for Halloween. 


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