the matcha challenge

the health benefits from green tea is not news to everyone. this antioxidant drink helps reduce risk of several cancers, heart diseases and stabilizes cholesterol. it helps reduces acne scars and inflammations as well as slows down aging and prevent wrinkles. many beauty products have incorporated green tea as one of their ingredients for its multipurpose properties. the only negative thing i have to save about green tea is the insomniac effects. i hate lying down on the bed until 4am and feel like a zombie the next day.

mr. adventure and i was strolling along whole foods(it’s like a "chanel" grocery store where everything is more expensive and better quality). we always go there for their salad bar. they have "real "food like pulled pork, grilled chicken etc. which are delicious. one evening when were at the tea aisle, i was intrigued by the domatcha silver box. this box cost $17 for 20 sachets, which is very expensive. mr. adventure was like, "no way  i'm paying 85 cents for a cup of homemade tea when i can get one for 10 cents or less". he wouldn't believe me when i told him it'll definitely taste better. anyhow, he agreed to get it if i'll do a blind test.


so, here we go. the challenge!!!
4 different green tea bags (the other 3 from asian market or local grocery store), 4 cups of hot water.


check out my self painted red tray. things I do when I’m bored.

mr. adventure put the teabags in the hot water for 11/2 mins(i was looking away while he was doing that) and the challenge began.



the winner. drum roll…………………. domatcha, cup C.  it has a rich green tea flavor, slightly bitter with lingering sweetness aftertaste and a bit of fine ground texture like what you would get from an actual matcha. not bland at all. the sachet is made of high quality material that doesn’t tear easily. it’s annoying when the string attach to the sachet tear and I have to use a spoon to “fish” it out.

will I purchase again? maybe, but I’ll probably try others and look for cheaper alternative. right now, I’m enjoying my remaining sachets Smile


ShinyPrettyThings said...

hahaha now I wanna do a tea test XD this makes me a bit curious! omg i love the "food" section of whole foods. so much yummy stuff! and your tray is lovely. so talented! i could never paint like that lol it'll end up looking like kindergarten artwork!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend Mighty Tea. They have an assortment of green teas and it's rich and wonderful. I have a lot of Asian tea leaves as well, and it's always a pleasure to brew a fresh pot after dinner. :)

Old Cow said...

Great blog post!

breakingrumours said...

lol this is interesting XD my family loves to drink tea...XD maybe i should do this to them too XD

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a fun taste test! :) I complain about Whole Foods sometimes but a lot of times the stuff they sell is worth it. I haven't tried the Domatcha brand yet so thanks for the rec! I'm currently drinking Ito En which I buy at Costco. XD

(LOL at your comment about singing and window breaking! :P Let me guess. Karaoke? ;)

Nic Nic said...

this is a cute post!! I loveeee green tea.. We only drink one brand which you can only get a certain place in Japan. We've stocked up though. I've been taught to let the heat dropped to 80C before pouring the water because hot water will ruined the taste and make it turn brown :) I especially love herbal tea these days!

Lisa said...

this is so cute!! love that you did a "tea test" hehehe. thanks for updating us on your results!

haha no they don't live on a farm.. they live in like a english country cottage-ish type of house.. but i think the house is like on a couple of acres. my dad keeps saying he wants to buy a horse though.. and my mom says no because he lives in taipei.. which means that she'd have to take care of it hahahha.

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow thanks for this post. How creative to compare tea!

wifluvelle said...

u and vin should get along fine, coz u both love tea and i dont >.< coffee me anytime, like jl hehehe
wow you can differentiate which is good tea! u got a million dollar tongue!

Senita said...

I <3 green tea! Haha

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