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fashion dupe: spring sorbet necklace

I saw Jewelmint's newsletter in my inbox this morning and was jumping with joy because I bought a similar piece in Bangkok for a fraction of the price. see for yourself.

Jewelmint Sorbet Thorn Necklace - $29.99

Similar necklace from a random store in Bangkok - $5

Ok. The geometry is different and it's gold not silver, but the sorbet pink and green are similar. Good enough for me. This necklace from Bangkok has a nice weight and it's doesn't feel like it will break anytime soon. For 1/6 of the price, I'll take my chances. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this in spring.

I found the same necklace on ebay- $7. Slightly more expensive, but you save on air fare ;)



my first ipsy glam bag - first impression

hi lovely readers! i'm back from my 25 days awesome vacation. how often do you get to have a long vacation? once a year for me (though i wouldn't mind to have more!). many things happened in those 25 days. mr. adventure and i held our wedding reception, we met each others extended families, we went to our honeymoon in Thailand, we gave out our first Chinese New Year red packets etc. i'll tell you more in another posts. today we're going to talk about ipsy glam bag.
ipsy is similar to other beauty subscription site such as glossybox and birchbox where you take a beauty quiz and they'll send 5 deluxe/full size beauty products for you try each month. for some unexplained reason, i was never tempted to subscribe until ipsy came along. i believe ipsy is a collaboration between several youtube "gurus," which i had no idea until i checked the website again to write this post.
i was excited to check my mailbox after returning as i know the glam bag is waiting for me. it does feel like christmas opening the parcel as i have no idea what little surprises are in there.
theme: Red Carpet Ready (in conjunction with the Academy Awards i suppose)

interestingly, i have not tried any of the beauty brands in the glam bag which i don't mid at all. i'm not giving a full review as i need more time to test them out. here are just my initial thoughts and first impression.
coastal scents quad eyeshadow
the shadows are all shimmery and pigmented. the only thing negative is the 2 dark shades are too similar.
pixi flawless and poreless primer
this primer is creamy and hydrating. i neither like or dislikes the rubbery texture that silicone comes with. it does creates a smooth "canvas" for my foundation. i love that it's oil-free and the shine control is decent for 3-4 hours.
pop beauty smoke lash kapow mascara
i usually need either a lash primer or a waterproof mascara for my eyelashes to stay curl all day. i'm going to try this at a later time, but don't have high hopes for this. i'm not liking the tiny bristles on the brush either.
mica beauty gel eyeliner
this came just in time as my stila smudge pot dried up even though i'm barely halfway through the pot :(
the lash card
a handy tool for beginners and for long time makeup users such as myself.
disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and i paid the products from my own money. the reviews/impressions are solely based on my own opinion.