mini haul from sephora and vs

another haul post from sephora and vs

vs is having their semi-annual sale. it's a good time to stock up on your lingerie (not going to show what i got in that department). i got tons of vs body spray and body lotion. they smell really good and they are great as souvenirs and presents. i'm giving them out to my cousins on my coming trip. i also got a nice long sleeve sleep shirt with studded stars.

my nosy cat - mantao

sephora haul is for stellarvixen. i got the korres brightening & anti-aging rose collection rose set and the primer with skincare benefits duo(on sale for beauty insider).

i'm going to asia next week until feb 20th. look out for my travel journals blog entries (if i'm not lazy)

austin - la - tokyo - seoul - kuala lumpur - ipoh - melacca - johor - singapore - kuala lumpur - seoul - la - austin

if you know of a good places to eat/shop/hangout/party in any of these cities, please comment! :)

sharing a pic of mantao sticking his tongue out with mr. reindeer


Shop N' Chomp said...

I was soo good and did not pick up anything at the VS sale! *wipes sweat off brow*

Ooh that sounds like one fun trip! Hmm...I don't know where in L.A you'll be so I'll just recommend In-N-Out for their burgers since it's pretty ubiquitous. =D

Popcorn said...

have fun in ASIAAA~
hahaha your cat is so curious about your new stuff. ^.^

DL3 said...

Video - Why Women Convert to Islam?

I hope you follow my blog

Shop N' Chomp said...

I lurve warm bread too...hehe. Are you back from your trip? :)

cushy said...

yup, i'm back! going to post about my trip soon.

stellarvixen said...

thanks for bringing back the korres!

hope you like my swap with you~!!
have you taken photos of those cosme?!!

cant wait for your trip post!!
mantao smuakss xoxo

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