cco day 3 & 4

this is a post for 12/29/2010 and 12/30/2010. I got so busy doing nothing that I’m even lazy to write a post Open-mouthed smile. plus, i was sick last week.


11:30am - woke up. I know it’s late, but I stayed up late the night before.

12pm – ate sushi rolls that I made last night. mental note, put more japanese mayo next time

1-6pm – watch korean drama (sungkyunkwan scandal). it’s extremely addictive. love to see korean traditional settings and clothing. the show reminds me of my high school days. there’s always competition and adventures.

6:30pm – cooked ramen. mr. adventure came back late.

7:30-10pm – showered, fold/hung my laundry, sort out my closet, clean my bedroom, clear my vanity table (found lots of expired lip balm).

10-4am – continue watching dramaEmbarrassed smile

the day was very unproductive. well, at least I did complete a small task in my bedroom.

day4 was very similar to day3. spent most of my day time watching drama. it’s been a while since I had so much free time just lazing around. I did clean up more. rearranged my living furniture.

so, what do I think about stay-at-home-wife? it’s not easy. it’s very exhausting both mentally and physically. you have a huge list of chores, you have to figure out a good way to fill up your time(not watching drama), you’re waiting at home for your hubby to come home etc. to those wives/moms out there, you totally have my respect. I don’t think I’m ready to join your team yet. it’s easier to stare in front of the computer and typing the whole day.

pretty flowers to brighten up my week!


Yumeko said...

i agree with you
i tried the "stay at home" thing for a week [took leave to get ready for new year] and i was sooo tired each day <-- and i actually work 12 hrs day XD!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha! So ends your little stay-at-home phase. ;)

(Not my pic but I think they're pencil caps)

Mint said...

that sushi looks so gewd .... . - .

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