cco day 2

2nd day of being chief cottage officer. rainy day. I wonder what time does real housewife wakes up? 6am? 7am? that is way to early for me. I need my beauty sleep Sleepy smile

10:30am – woke up. yawn~~~

10:45am – set up my laptop on the kitchen counter, so that I can follow the youtube video below and started preparing for my bento lunch boxes.

11:00am – still cooking

11:30am – still cooking

12pm – still cooking…….who says making bento box is easy?!!!

12:30pm – finally done. packed the boxes. changed to a relax outfit.

1pm – saw the postman pad. passed the sephora package to the nice postman (save me a trip to the post office!). drove to the mr’s workplace

1:10pm – had lunch with the mr. the bento boxes are yummy. it’s hard work. I need to get some cute bento boxes on my trip to japan in january.


1:30pm – went to walmart to get some cleaning supplies while the mr went back to work. was a busy day for him.

2:20pm – went to tjmaxx. didn’t see anything I wanted except for some hangers.

2:45pm – went to homegoods. got some baskets and a starfish since I’m planning to re-organize some stuff at home.

3:30pm – went to michael’s. got another basket for mantao’s toys (they’re everywhere. he made a huge mess in my house!) and some ornaments on clearance.

4:10pm – came back home (no harassment this time). passed some snacks to my neighbor and chatted for a while.

4:30pm – browsed the web. played with mantao. watch judge judy again. hid under the blanket (it was cold).

7pm – the mr came home. heated the food from yesterday and today for dinner.

7:30pm – watched the walking dead ep3.

8:30pm – did the dishes. cleaned the bathroom sink and shower.

9pm – showered

9:30pm – surfed the web and played with mantao. got a huge scratch from him Crying face

11:30pm – made sushi box lunch for the mr

12am – ate an apple while dancing around the kitchen. that’s my workout Nyah-Nyah

12:15am – wrote this post

verdict……being a housewife ain’t easy. lots of physical activity compare to being at work where I spend 80% of the working hours sitting in my cube. tomorrow is chore day! lots of cleaning, washing, wiping, vacuuming etc.

nite peeps!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...hope you're enjoying your days as a chief cottage officer! ;) I am enjoying reading your day to day activities. And there is no way I'd be able to make a bento box. I'm too much of a klutz! XP Kudos to you!

With Love, Elle said...

omg u would have the passion for making bento box lunch??? urgh too much work for me, also i dont like to eat from plastic containers coz oily to wash (dont have dishwasher >.<)

i love walking dead!!! finish s1, cant wait for s2..hate the wife and friend, why cant they be honest about it and tell rick???

get a tutu for mantao to wear!

xoxo tai jie

Jenny said...

MMMm bento!! i want one! they always look so colourful and yummy ^^

cushy said...

making bento ain't easy. i want to get those cute bento boxes in japan.

walking dead rocks! every episode is exciting. yea, the wife and friend is going to cause trouble. i can sense it.

mantao is a boy. he can't wear tutu.

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