cco day 1

cco == chief cottage officer
my company shuts down for the whole week until new year. yippee~~~~ the mr. has to work aww~~~~~~ taking the opportunity to feel what it's like to be a housewife. hmm......will i like it? will i feel bored? will i hate going back to work? will i want to be a housewife? we'll know when the week ends and when we greet 2011.

i decided to write a daily blog entry to capture my week as a "housewife." ^_^

10am - woke up. fed mantao. put on some makeup. changed pjs to casual outfit

11am - left house. missed exit while daydreaming. made a u-turn.

11:30am - found a good parking spot in the mall. shopped for the mr. christmas present (i know christmas is over, but we agreed not to exchange gifts this year, but the mr. still surprised me with a gift. so, i have to get him something even thought it's late, rite?) apparently, a lot of people have the same idea. the mall was packed!

12pm - still looking for the gift.

12:15pm - found the perfect gift. give the mr. a call

12:30pm - met up with the mr. for lunch. he's office is 5 mins away from the mall

1:30pm - head over to sephora to exchange for a wrong item. i ordered a nars blusher, but they sent me a lancome concealer @_@ sa said i have to exchange the item by mail :(

2pm - shopped in forever21. got 2 scarfs and 2 winter beanie hats. they're having buy 1 get 1 free sale. next stop, body shop. they're having mother of all sale. got a set of skincare from the tea tree oil range. getting some acne lately. no fun :(

2:30pm - hopped in express, banana, abercrombie etc. didn't find anything there. final stop, pottery barn. i love everything in this store. picked up some holiday decor that were on sale.

3pm - left the mall (i only shopped at one wing of the mall). head to the grocery store

3:50pm - reached home. harassed by door-to-door salesman as i was getting out of my car. they are selling meat??!!!

4pm - played with mantao while watching judge judy lol..........wrapped the gift. not easy with mantao around.

5pm - put in fresh flowers in a vase and started preparing for dinner

6pm - done cooking. fed mantao.

6:30pm - the mr. came home and we had dinner (everything tasted good)

7pm - the mr. hunt for his present. hid it in mantao's tent. the mr. likes his present. hooray!!!! watched house and lie to me. played with mantao. cleaned up.

9pm - showered. surfed the web. chat with my family on skype.

12am - watched the walking dead. got it from amazon $4.99 for the whole season.

1am - wrote this entry.

so far, i'm loving this role, although i think i will spend more being a cco :) good nite peeps.


With Love, Elle said...

yes being cco spend lots of money, for food and house stuffs..i prefer to go out earn hehe

i love lie to me! i think s3 now isnt it? do u watch leverage? love it too!

wat present u got ky???

xoxo tai jie

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