merry christmas!!!

the year is coming to an end. time to wrap up 2010 and highlight the cheers and jeers of this year

2010 cheers

  • a new homeowner (cushycottage for my home projects)
  • got a promotion (yay more $ to spend)
  • adopted mantao (my one of a kind feline)
  • celebrated our 6th anniversary
  • traveled to toronto, canada (for work, but it was fun)
  • finally started biking again
  • started a home decorating blog
  • revamped my beauty/fashion blog

2010 jeers

  • got my first traffic ticket for speeding
  • lost a family member (dedicate to my dearest aunt)
  • celebrated b’day alone (was away for work. I did give myself a huge treat)

can’t wait to see what 2011 has install for me!

2011 wanna-achieve

  • eat healthy and work out more
  • contribute back to the community
  • finish up my list of projects on cushycottage
  • smile and create more memories in 2011
  • forget about the sad things in the past
gift of gold
enjoy your holidays!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Fun nails! Glad to see that the cheers outweigh the jeers. Happy Holidays! =D

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