i got sleek + cushy's threads

nothing new about sleek except i got my hands on them. happy dance~~~~ thanks to a friend who made a trip to uk last week and made a stop at superdrug. yes.....sleek is available online, but that would defeat the purpose of cheap and quality makeup as you factor in the shipping cost.

moving on to the photos of my mini lot (didn't want to weigh down my friend's luggage).


i wanted Oh So Special palette, but it was sold out. she picked up Storm i-Divine 578 palette instead which I’m loving.



Pixie Pink 936 blush


Powder Pink 942 Pout Polish SPF15



the pout polish smells like cocoa butter. I haven’t tried them out yet, but so far I’m happy to have in my collection.

my outfit over the weekend.


graphic shirt: rue-21 (one of those random hauls)
red flair skirt: forever 21
purse: asos
high heel sandals : nine west

the city recently put up a lot of longhorn statues around downtown and i couldn’t help, but pose with one. the girls on my shirt are wearing matching flair skirts as me!



herroyalbleakness said...

everybody's lovin sleek! :) can't wait for your posts on these babies!

and i love how fressh you look in that number :D the pink starfish looks awfully cute but i bet your face is cuter :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute outfit, girlie! Love the pop of red. <3 Omg, those Sleek swatches look sooo nice!!

Nic Nic said...

ahh the super bright skirt looks cute on you! the palette looks great too - i still wished i bought a sleek palette everytime i come back from the UK i regret not picking one up hahah

Shang J. said...

Very chic outfit. I love the colour of the blush and pout polish. ^^

yiqin; said...

nice blush :)

Joey said...

Nice palettes! The colours look good! I totally agree about the shipping thing. I always try to wait for Sasa to have free shipping deals because I really don't want to pay extra for what I can usually get so easily and cheaply in Asia.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

The only sleek product that I own is an eye shadow palette,
but I'd love to get my hands on one of their pout polishes.
I love the smell of cocoa butter :)


Yumeko said...

the skirt is a gorgeous color!
and woooo sleek!!

Florence said...

gorgeous post!


wifluvelle said...

out of us 3, u got sleek first! yeah i like oh so special, but istorm is great too! but i really really love the sparkle best but finish dy sob sob

Amy said...

Red skirt is totally cute! xx

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