happy earth day + good friday + easter nails !!

happy earth day! i believe each of us can make a difference if we change. do you?

some reminders:
1) trade plastics bags with reusable bags
2) trade coffee cups with reusable mugs
3) trade plastic utensils with reusable utensils (especially at work)
4) trade conventional light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs
5) trade bottled water with filtered water in reusable bottle
6) trade regular batteries with rechargeable
7) trade your vehicle with hybrid/electric vehicle (that's a big one)

finally RECYCLE :)

easter nails

china glaze for audrey
china glaze lemon fizz

picnic on lazy sunday afternoon. perfect tree for our blanket.


seedless grape keeps you hydrated under the sun. it’s probably my fav fruit. no peeling, no cutting, no slicing and it’s almost always sweet.


mantao is a gentleman. he sits cross-legged.


but guess what he did. major attack on my leg. any recommendation for a good scar healing cream?



Lisa said...

OMGG i'm so sorry about your leg.. my dog's been scratching me like CRAZY lately too!!

thanks for the clairasonic advice.. i'm really looking into getting one.

i love your navy blue/gold star t-shirt that is so cute!

to answer your question.. chanel has a annual sale every december.. usually the first or second week of the month.. it's across the board at every chanel but generally the more populated cities where chanel is more popular (ie. san francisco) the pickings by sale time are REALLY SLIM which is why a lot of people don't know about the sale.. because there's nothing left to go on sale hehe.

Jennifer said...

omg so sorry to hear about your scar :/ did he do that often to you?

may i ask what's mantao's breed is? his fur color looks cute <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh no! Sorry about the scratches. =( My dog sometimes scratches me too. Does it have to be a cream? Maybe try Neosporin, vitamin E oil or Bio Oil. You look so relaxed in that pic. I would be too under that lovely tree and with yummy fruit. =) <3 your nails!

heartbreaker said...

OUCH :( sorry bout the scratches,and is your cat named mantao?lol so cute. I would recommend Bio Oil ,it helped with my scars and the scent is pretty soothing,but that depends on individuals. and oh,love the colors on your nails! great combo!

Monique said...

Hope your leg gets better!

Just found your blog! Love it!

Monique xx


stellarvixen said...

great reminder for happy earth days! easy to conform also :D

yay! pretty china glaze coming to my doorway soon! hugs

leafy face! haha you are hilarious
luff your straw hat withh flower power! perfect for spring summer

mantao is a BADDIE! :(
control him`! boo!
make sure to apply healing lotion and night cream over the scratch & wounds!!

awww get them treated else will leave permanent scar

Anonymous said...

i love for audrey too!

i love the lazing on the park picture. looks cool! umm try savlon skin healing cream :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I hear ya. For grocery shopping, I make sure to carry a cross-body bag! :)

Jennifer said...

mantao's fur color is sooo cute! it reminds me of marshmallows hehe how kind of u to rescue him from shelter :D!

Amy said...

Hi Cushy, I thought I was following you, but I guess I wasn't!!! Sorry about your leg, hope it gets better soon. Your easter nails are gorgeous btw :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hehe...yep wallet safe! ;)

cushy said...

thanks for all your concerns about mantao's presents for me. i got bio-oil. using it every night now. hope it works :)

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