trailer food

I received my Josh Duhamel’s tokidoki for relief run t-shrt. 100% profit goes to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Tesunami Fund. out of stock == lots of profits == Open-mouthed smile


mr. adventure got the t-shirt designed by mike shinoda(from linkin park). the profits go to music for relief to help survivors of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunami.


austin is well-known for trailer food. read my previous post. the weather was great and i was craving for trailer food. they're cheap and usually yummy. so, we headed to east 6th street and discovered some really quirky looking trailers and yummy food.




spring is in the air


i had fish and chips. it was good except for the tartar sauce. not sour enough in my opinion (i'm the kind who dips everything in sauce).


mr. adventure had philly cheesesteak. it was tasty and juicy. much better than the one i had from geno's 6 years ago. well, i had it cold....long story.


there's a trailer selling takoyaki. i'm going to try it next time as my tummy was already full that day. probably the only takoyaki place in austin.


there were tons of people in jumpsuit. i think it's something to do with the new "bigger" mini cooper launch. saw a couple there as well. also, a photography group was there. i would say 50/50 between nikon and canon users. i'm in the canon category. what about you?




sometimes I wonder what mantao is dreaming…….



Jennifer said...

oh god, your cat is too cute <3 i wanna cuddle it!

herroyalbleakness said...

Nice to know the weather rocks @ austin. Great pics, too! Too bad you were too full to have takoyaki (i love this to bits!)

Great shirts (and it's for a cause, too, so i salute you!), cute kittie :D

Lisa said...

Omg so many things to say about this post!

1. That tokidoki for japan shirt is SO cute!

2. I'm actually moving to san antonio for a few months this summer where exactly in Austin is this food trailer park? Could you give me the address because I would just love to visit here!


3. I love that your cat is named mantou! So cute!

Anonymous said...

cute shirt fora good cause - what more can you ask for :)

Wow that location looks awesome and a lot of fun!

Penelope said...

Great photos! Am craving fish and chips now!
Love the tokidoki for Japan shirt, and your cat is so adorable.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the tees and great cause! The food you guys got look delish. =D I love the colorful and old school trailers. Do they travel or are they permanently situated?

Jennifer said...

i love how u use 'hardcore' to describe 30+ blushes XD yeah posietint takes some skills to apply!

wifluvelle said...

someday me and vin wanna own one combivan, one that we design our own..must have flat screen n xbox inside! and paul smith stripes on the outside like that mini!

xoxo elle

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