review ~ bodyshop VS burt’s bees

burt's bee VS bodyshop showdown.


i fall into the unlucky group where i have acne prone skin :( my goal is to have flawless skin with no spots, no blemish, no scars and no redness. i know it sounds impossible, but every girl can secretly wish rite?

anyway, i'm constantly looking for something that will control my breakout, which i get all the time not just totm.

BAD: i tried the bodyshop tea tree oil and it didn't work at all. it's didn't control future blemishes and it didn't help combating existing blemishes as well. it's a yucky product and deserves to be thrown away.

GOOD: burt's bees natural acne solutions targeted spot treatment works wonders. my acne dried up the very next day and the scars are minimal compare to what i usually get. 

packaging is horrible on both cos' i can't control how much to pour out. dislike the scent on both, but i'll bare with burt's bees since it works. 

received samples from target. i think they ran out. 


sonia kashuk pouch, federic fekkai shampoo + conditioner, pantene shampoo, nivea lotion, neutrogena natural lip balm(can’t wait to try this), revlon lipgloss.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, you got the samples! I missed out on this. T_T I haven't tried either product but am glad that the Burt's Bees is working for ya. :)

(Thanks for answering my q! *sigh* I miss Japan)

heartbreaker said...

I gotta agree with you 100% on the Body Shop acne solution,it sucks and for me it made it worse.

Thanks for the review on the burts bee acne solution,i should get this! burts bee just opened in my country lol. YEAH XD

I too have oily and acne prone skin sighh.

Shop N' Chomp said...

It *does* take a lot of effort! ;)

NANA♡ said...

hi cushyblushy ^___^" I just saw your tweet! thanks for joining my giveaway! by the way... if you're having skin problems, mind me recommending something? try La Roche Posay's Effaclar line - I swear by this stuff! especially this cleanser

It's gentle but deep cleanses and it balances the pH of your skin, which helps control breakouts. if you'd like, definitely try it out! it has worked wonders for me!

Joey said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
You've a very nice blog here and I just scrolled down to read some of your previous posts. I'm definitely going to be back for more. Following you now

Lisa said...

Ohh I'll have to try the burrs bees I'm always trying to find acne treatments because I'm really prone to acne around my jawline ugh gross haha

stellarvixen said...

i lovee showdown! what works and what bahh!

body shop is CRAPPIOO stuff! nothing works from them ~ loccitane is far better than them..

OMG i need to try burts bee acne solution!
definitely cheaper than the khiels anti acne blemish solution :P also mario stuff too!

stellarvixen said...

oh wait! let the MR tried the body shop solution :D massage his face with the tea tree oil and then follow by clay mask!!

or apply his back shoulder :P

miss wiggle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, cushy! I've never tried oils to control acne, but I do love clay masks, as stellarvixen pointed out. :D

cushy said...

yup, i used clay mask twice a week(if i remember). using queen helene mint julep. read good reviews about it for cheap. i happily concur with those reviews :)

wifluvelle said...

i used to like neutrogena clay mask (orange n white huge tube) hmm should start again..
i wish ANY anti-pimple solution can work on me lol

xoxo elle

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