cco day 2

2nd day of being chief cottage officer. rainy day. I wonder what time does real housewife wakes up? 6am? 7am? that is way to early for me. I need my beauty sleep Sleepy smile

10:30am – woke up. yawn~~~

10:45am – set up my laptop on the kitchen counter, so that I can follow the youtube video below and started preparing for my bento lunch boxes.

11:00am – still cooking

11:30am – still cooking

12pm – still cooking…….who says making bento box is easy?!!!

12:30pm – finally done. packed the boxes. changed to a relax outfit.

1pm – saw the postman pad. passed the sephora package to the nice postman (save me a trip to the post office!). drove to the mr’s workplace

1:10pm – had lunch with the mr. the bento boxes are yummy. it’s hard work. I need to get some cute bento boxes on my trip to japan in january.


1:30pm – went to walmart to get some cleaning supplies while the mr went back to work. was a busy day for him.

2:20pm – went to tjmaxx. didn’t see anything I wanted except for some hangers.

2:45pm – went to homegoods. got some baskets and a starfish since I’m planning to re-organize some stuff at home.

3:30pm – went to michael’s. got another basket for mantao’s toys (they’re everywhere. he made a huge mess in my house!) and some ornaments on clearance.

4:10pm – came back home (no harassment this time). passed some snacks to my neighbor and chatted for a while.

4:30pm – browsed the web. played with mantao. watch judge judy again. hid under the blanket (it was cold).

7pm – the mr came home. heated the food from yesterday and today for dinner.

7:30pm – watched the walking dead ep3.

8:30pm – did the dishes. cleaned the bathroom sink and shower.

9pm – showered

9:30pm – surfed the web and played with mantao. got a huge scratch from him Crying face

11:30pm – made sushi box lunch for the mr

12am – ate an apple while dancing around the kitchen. that’s my workout Nyah-Nyah

12:15am – wrote this post

verdict……being a housewife ain’t easy. lots of physical activity compare to being at work where I spend 80% of the working hours sitting in my cube. tomorrow is chore day! lots of cleaning, washing, wiping, vacuuming etc.

nite peeps!

cco day 1

cco == chief cottage officer
my company shuts down for the whole week until new year. yippee~~~~ the mr. has to work aww~~~~~~ taking the opportunity to feel what it's like to be a housewife. hmm......will i like it? will i feel bored? will i hate going back to work? will i want to be a housewife? we'll know when the week ends and when we greet 2011.

i decided to write a daily blog entry to capture my week as a "housewife." ^_^

10am - woke up. fed mantao. put on some makeup. changed pjs to casual outfit

11am - left house. missed exit while daydreaming. made a u-turn.

11:30am - found a good parking spot in the mall. shopped for the mr. christmas present (i know christmas is over, but we agreed not to exchange gifts this year, but the mr. still surprised me with a gift. so, i have to get him something even thought it's late, rite?) apparently, a lot of people have the same idea. the mall was packed!

12pm - still looking for the gift.

12:15pm - found the perfect gift. give the mr. a call

12:30pm - met up with the mr. for lunch. he's office is 5 mins away from the mall

1:30pm - head over to sephora to exchange for a wrong item. i ordered a nars blusher, but they sent me a lancome concealer @_@ sa said i have to exchange the item by mail :(

2pm - shopped in forever21. got 2 scarfs and 2 winter beanie hats. they're having buy 1 get 1 free sale. next stop, body shop. they're having mother of all sale. got a set of skincare from the tea tree oil range. getting some acne lately. no fun :(

2:30pm - hopped in express, banana, abercrombie etc. didn't find anything there. final stop, pottery barn. i love everything in this store. picked up some holiday decor that were on sale.

3pm - left the mall (i only shopped at one wing of the mall). head to the grocery store

3:50pm - reached home. harassed by door-to-door salesman as i was getting out of my car. they are selling meat??!!!

4pm - played with mantao while watching judge judy lol..........wrapped the gift. not easy with mantao around.

5pm - put in fresh flowers in a vase and started preparing for dinner

6pm - done cooking. fed mantao.

6:30pm - the mr. came home and we had dinner (everything tasted good)

7pm - the mr. hunt for his present. hid it in mantao's tent. the mr. likes his present. hooray!!!! watched house and lie to me. played with mantao. cleaned up.

9pm - showered. surfed the web. chat with my family on skype.

12am - watched the walking dead. got it from amazon $4.99 for the whole season.

1am - wrote this entry.

so far, i'm loving this role, although i think i will spend more being a cco :) good nite peeps.

merry christmas!!!

the year is coming to an end. time to wrap up 2010 and highlight the cheers and jeers of this year

2010 cheers

  • a new homeowner (cushycottage for my home projects)
  • got a promotion (yay more $ to spend)
  • adopted mantao (my one of a kind feline)
  • celebrated our 6th anniversary
  • traveled to toronto, canada (for work, but it was fun)
  • finally started biking again
  • started a home decorating blog
  • revamped my beauty/fashion blog

2010 jeers

  • got my first traffic ticket for speeding
  • lost a family member (dedicate to my dearest aunt)
  • celebrated b’day alone (was away for work. I did give myself a huge treat)

can’t wait to see what 2011 has install for me!

2011 wanna-achieve

  • eat healthy and work out more
  • contribute back to the community
  • finish up my list of projects on cushycottage
  • smile and create more memories in 2011
  • forget about the sad things in the past
gift of gold
enjoy your holidays!

christmas is in the air

got a l’occitane gift set from a friend. love the quirky christmas packaging. 3 bars of soap and a huge tube of hand cream. no excuse of having dry hands this winter!Austin -November '10 383 Austin -November '10 388

mini ulta exclusive OPI christmas haul
all the berry best, gift of gold, plum full of cheer & a topcoatAustin -November '10 496 I’m not the best in applying nail polish. in fact, I sux at it Embarrassed smile
Austin -November '10 498

sneak peek of my neighbor’s house. all theme up for the seasonAustin -November '10 435
Austin -November '10 446

and my christmas tree
Austin -November '10 486
have a nice mid- week!