brunch + black riding boots

happy belated valentines to all cushyblushy's visitors! we had unlimited florida stone crab. a blog entry for another time perhaps.

end of January is the best time to buy boots. why? department stores are eager to clear their shelves and make room for spring collections while shoppers are excited to buy them at a discounted price. i call it a symbiotic relation. winter ain't quite over and boots are here to stay for many more weeks. anyhow, a classic black riding boots are timeless for the next winter and the next and the next.......

the only good outcome from the cold weather last weekend was being able to wear my brand new boots without feeling out of place.

grey cashmere sweater
h&m faux tomato red leather jacket
gap skinny pants
vince camuto black riding boots
nordstrom rack black messenger bag

mr. adventure and i had a long brunch at east side cafe. it's one of those house turned into cafe/restaurant type of place which seats maybe 20 tables. we waited for 30 mins to be seated. in order to justify the wait, we ordered way too much food as we were famished. it was a bad idea. we ended up not finishing everything and not having dinner that day. do not follow!!

the corn bread and blueberry muffin were warm. the poched eggs were cooked to perfection. the ham and salmon crab cakes were covered with juicy egg yolks. the strawberry were sweet not sour. the belgian waffle was great. i'm usually not a fan of whip cream, but i didn't mind it with the waffle. overall, it's a great place for brunch. nice ambiance, but not good for huge group. make a reservation to avoid wait time!

do you get holidays for president's day? i don't, but mr. adventure does. life is unfair. 


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