review ~ violet eyes

circle lens have been around for a long time. oddly, i have never tried them until now. i blame it on the bad experience i had with colored lens. i finally bit the bullet and went on a search for circle lens. the number of websites/brands/colors/patterns/types are so overwhelming, that i got blindsided and delayed for a few more months before i finally ordered.

i finally chose lensvillage due to their good reputation, but most importantly sale. i ordered the EOS DollyEye Pop.C Light Violet lens for $10. i figured if i don't like it or if it's uncomfortable i can just throw it away without hurting my wallet.

it took 17 days from when i hit the "place order" button to my post box. shipping time was decent considering the product was shipped from malaysia.



enlargement: 5/5 at 15.5mm  diameter & 8.6mm base curve
my eyes are huge in them. this is as big as i would try. don't want to look like an alien with any bigger lens :)

comfort level: 5/5
i was surprised by the comfort level of these lens. there are so easy to put on and i don't feel any discomfort. however, i advise wearing them for 4-5hrs tops as they tend to dry up your eyes.

color: 4/5
definitely it's unnatural. don't think there are any asian with naturally violet eyes out there, but i wasn't looking to be natural. i've always wanted violet eyes ever since i read rorouni kenshin(jap manga). the color is very obvious in daylight and indoors.

the only thing i have to complain is circle lens are not built for people who has astigmatism. at certain distance, it's hard for me to focus and my vision is blurred. it's not severe, but noticeable. i can still drive and shop and eat :) if i wear them for a long period, i think i will get a headache eventually.

have a great leap year!


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