jason wu for target adventure

sunday morning diary

  • 7:15am alarm rang. brushed teeth with half opened eyes. threw on sweat pants and sweater.
  • 7:30am out the door and embraced the chilly rainy winter morning
  • 7:40am arrived at the parking lot. 10th person in line
  • 8:00am doors opened. overwhelmed by people running towards the rack
  • 8:03am started grabbing clothes, sifting through the racks for my wish list. the blue A-line dress were all gone by the time my hands reached that rack #$@&
  • 8:26am tried on some pieces and settled on 4 items
  • 8:40am paid the cashier, came home half happy and sleepy. 
it was my first experience waiting in line before store hours. everyone was queuing orderly until the doors opened and they turned into hungry sharks attacking pretty tuna. however, i didn't see any ebay re-sellers grabbing a whole cart load at my target. 

shame on the persons in this video. 

i came back with 4 items. the blue flowery print top and skirt, polka-dot peach blouse with white ribbon and the black lace clutch. no milu scarf at my target and the blue A-line dress in my size was sold out. lesson learned - i need to turn into a hungry shark next time.

mr. adventure's comment at target, "i could be a designer. red stripe, blue stripe white stripe."

quick preview. excuse the heart face and blur picture. no time to re-take before the smash preview. so far, i'm liking the show. 


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